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I am planning on working at Disney World after I graduate, and it’s kind of my life dream to be a face character. I would love to find at least some of the things that they are looking for so that I can start to work on it, but I am really bad at researching stuff online, so I was wondering if you, my good friends, would be able to help me with that. You guys are the best.


Or if you have experience, or have connections with experience, that would be cool too. That is all.


Well… you can audition for the role of a face character on the Disney College Program. Here is some info on CP: https://www.wdwcollegeprogram.com/sap/its/mimes/zh_wdwcp/index.html

Here is an ongoing thread on the DIS college board with character heights/auditions: Character Heights/CP Auditions - The DIS Discussion Forums - DISboards.com. Here is the post with the character heights:

4’6" - 4’7": Daisy, Donald
4’8" - 4’9": Daisy, Donald, Dopey, Jiminy, Mickey, Minnie
4’9" - 4’10": Daisy, Donald, Dopey, Jiminy, Mickey, Minnie, Pinocchio
4’10" - 5’0": Mickey, Minnie, Pinocchio, Brer Rabbit, Meeko, Piglet
5’0" - 5’2": Max, White Rabbit, Pooh, Robin Hood, Timon, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Scrooge McDuck, Terk
5’1" - 5’2": All of the characters listed above in the 5’0" to 5’2" range, plus Chip, Dale, Suzy, Perla.
5’2" - 5’4": Doc, Gideon, Happy, King Louie, Suzy, Perla, Chip, Dale, Jessie, Bullseye, Penguin
5’5": Mr. Smee, Lagoona Gator, Ice Gator (not much for this height!!)
5’6" - 5’7": Friar Tuck, Mr. Smee, Pluto, Rafiki, Wendell, Buzz Lightyear, Flik, Lagoona Gator, Ice Gator
5’7" - 5’8": Rafiki, Eeyore, Pluto, Prince John, Wendell, Friar Tuck, Buzz Lightyear, Flik
5’8" - 5’9": Prince John, Brer Fox, Eeyore, Shaker, Tweedles, Liverlips, Dumbo
5’9" - 5’10": Liverlips, Tweedles, Shaker, Brer Fox, Geppetto, Dumbo
5’10" - 5’11": Geppetto, Sherriff of Nottingham, Foulfellow, King Lion, Tigger
5’11" - 6’0": Foulfellow, King Lion, Sheriff of Nottingham, Tigger
6’0" - 6’2": Baloo, Big Bad Wolf, Brer Bear, Captain Hook, Genie, Goofy, Launchpad
6’2" - 6’3": Baloo, Beast, Brer Bear, Goofy, Woody, Jafar, Launchpad
6’3" - 6’4": Beast, Jafar, Launchpad

And here is information on character auditions (not CP): Disney Auditions - Audition Calendar

That should get you started.

(Also… I suggest shooting RowdyRaider a PM. I hear he’s friends with some guys in the World :wink:)


I know a lot of people who have gone through the audition process with CP, and I myself have worked with WDW as an intern, although not in entertainment. I’m pretty resourceful, so I can help you with any questions you may have. And if I don’t know, I can ask some of my friends!

If you look at the link in my signature, that’s my CP blog. It has a lot of useful tips. Even if you aren’t doing a CP. Good tips for any CM who’s just starting out!

LittleMissMagic basically covered all of the “important” sites and stuff! So I hope you can figure out what you’re looking for! Preparing for the auditions and finding out the real information about the Entertainment department can be pretty tricky.

Like LMM said, I’d also PM Rowdy!

Although, if you are graduating, have you considered being a part of the CP program? It’s a great way to get in with the company. And while getting into the entertainment department is hard for anyone, face characters are the hardest! So just keep on trying! You never know what they are looking for at auditions, so it’s often advised to keep auditioning! A lot of CM’s just get a job with Disney and then try to get into the Entertainment department that way! Cause they can audition a ton. lol. I too want to be a face character (Drizella’s my dream! Who are you interested in?) I audition this Fall for Spring 2012 CP. Yet, I might audition on my own this summer. We’ll see! If you are interested in the CP here is a directory of all my CP posts!

You were fake, I was great., My Ultimate List of Disney-CP Related Posts.

Good luck! And don’t hesitate to ask any other questions! There’s a lot too learn. lol.


(Also… I suggest shooting RowdyRaider a PM. I hear he’s friends with some guys in the World :wink:)[/QUOTE]

Someone call? :laugh: Yes, heed the voices of these ladies. Message me all your questions, and I’ll tell you all about what it takes to be with my characters and my Entertainment department at WDW :wink: