Face painting at epcot?


is there a place to get your face painted at epcot?? we promised rose that we would get her face painted like a kitty cat. but i plan on getting them up REALLY early to go and taking a nap in the middle of the day. i want her to have it done early so it’s worth the 15.00 we pay!!! :glare: i’m worried if she naps it’ll rub off. so the next day when we go to epcot, we won’t be going back for naps so i was wondering if we should get there early and do it there or if i should get her up early, take her to MK then go to epcot after.

we’re staying at ASMusic and i know some of the resorts have artists that paint your portrait, do any of them have face painters???


I don’t recall seeing face painters at EPCOT. . .I know animal kingdom and some of the resorts. We did face painting at Hollywood Studios and AK, I am assuming that there is a face painting place at each of the parks.

It is amazing how fast they do it!