Face Painting, Hair Wraps, and Temp Tattoos


Just a few questions.

Our DD wants her hair wraped and face painted. Have any of your kids gotten their face painted? Since we’ll be going at the end of May, I’m afraid it’s going to be sweated off by the end of the day?

Also, has anyone ever had a hair wrap? DD is 5 and I’m not sure if she’ll like it. I don’t want to pay that much for one and then 15 mins later sat that she wants it back out. She doesn’t like clips or pony tails in her hair, so not sure if she will want to keep it in.

And lastly…anyone ever have a temp tattoo at Disney? DS wants one of the star wars ones when we are at Disney Studios for Star Wars Weekends. Do they usually last for a few days?

Thanks everyone! :flowers:


My DD’s(7 & 11) had their hair wrapped last July, they loved it. It isn’t like a pony tail and there are no clips. My girls just said it was like their hair, they forgot about it being there. It didn’t pull or hurt, it just took a while to be done. The wrap stayed in for about 1 month. I wasn’t keen on the price that it ended up costing as they charge by the inch and then add all the little pretty bits at the bottom too. My two cost me about $60 or it could have been more!


They do hair wrapping at every pool at the resorts. Most of them do the temporary tatoos there too. I know you can have your facepainted at AK, I’m not sure where else they do it. We never had it done because we go in August and I didn’t want paint dripping off them either. At the hairwrapping places I think they also sell ones on a clip that you can take in and out of your hair. It is pretty pricey, especially if DD has longer hair because you pay by the inch.


We have done it all! The best face painting is at MGM… so great! I have seen it other places, but that one is the best. The hair wraps make all girls feel so cool!!! She will love it, and they last for a couple of weeks after you get home! It is a great souvenir.


Yes, I thought the wrap was pricey too, but it stayed in DD’s hair for a month! We both plan on having it done next trip. A tip for long hair (the guy wrapping the hair actually referred to DD as Rapunzel) have them start wrapping a piece at the bottom of the hair line at the neck. It will hang nicely over her shoulder, and will save $$ since the hair is several inches shorter there than starting at the top of the head.


I’d like to have one of the hair wraps done, but then to go back to work the next week at a CPA firm…just not so sure…I wouldn’t want to take it out so soon!!


Heather, I LOVE to get temporary tattoos at Disney. (ALWAYS gotta get one of Mickey on my arm.) :heart:

They usually last 2-3 days before they start getting a little cracked (but this is assuming you go swimming.) You can make them last a little longer by NOT applying sunscreen to that area…so it’s best to get them in an area that will be at least semi-shaded by the sun. (Like the calf or ankle.)

I’ve had hair wraps before (though not at Disney), and they are a blast. I’ve just never had one done at Disney because of the cost! :eek: Now that I chopped more than 10 inches off my hair, I would consider doing it, but…:laugh: Before?? Ay-yi-yi! I can’t imagine what it would have cost me!


I loved my hair wrap.


oh my that is too funny!


Ohhhhh…my…word. :huh:

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My dd had it done last year and she really loved it. She had very long hair (down to the bottom of her butt) and it was very expensive! This year we may try to do it ourselves as Klutz books has a hair wrapping book out now. I know it woln’t be quite the same, but it will be a lot cheaper!


My DD always gets her temp. tattoo at MGM right across from Muppets 3-D . They last 2-4 days and she loves them cause Mommy and daddy have tattooos so she thinks it is cool!


They are actually pretty easy & fun once you get the hang of it…I’m considering having one of my friends do mine before I go to WDW so I’m not tempted to shell out the extra bucks!!

You’re right…it’s obviously not quite the same, but…I think it would distill the temptation to spend souvenir money on a hair wrap in WDW. :happy:


Try the Klutz books-they come with very clear instructions and different colored string and beads. They have the book/kit in Michaels or Barnes and Noble. If you have a Micheals near you, they usually have a 50% off coupon in the Sunday paper


I let my DD get her hair wrapped a few years back and will never do it again. The price is ridiculous and getting it out is a pain in the neck. If I ever let her do something special like that again, it will be the face painting. It wasn’t as expensive, but still cute. My DD tried to talk me into this past trip and I told her sure you can get it done…as long as you pay for it…amazing how unimportant it was then…lolol


Caver…what do you do for a living??? Wait, I don’t want to know.

What do the face painting and temp tattoos go for at WDW? I know my little guy will probably want both. We have both boys faces painted at the Camden (NJ) Aquarium last year. Little one was a shark face (he loves sharks), and older one was like a skeleton. Of course, their faces started itching about an hour later, and then it got all smudged, but we managed to hold off washing until we got home.


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At least it wasn’t sardines on the keyboard!

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