Failure is not an option: The Do-Everything DL Trip June 2011


It has started…

The spreadsheet is almost complete. Yes, a spreadsheet. With specific times on it. The plans are coming together.

Reservations have been made where they can be made, other reservations must wait for the 30-day mark.

I’m going to DISNEYLAND! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Once again, I am simply the very fortunate recipient of a trip; as soon as my kids are old enough to travel across the country alone, I’ll be tossed aside and out of luck. But until then… I control the grandchildren! If my parents want to see my kids and take them to Disneyland… [B][I]AND THEY DO![/I][/B]…I get to come, too. :happy: (Unfortunately DH has to stay home for his one and work. Boooooooooooo.)

In the meanwhile, I’m going to obsess! I’m not entirely thrilled to have a spreadsheet with times on it… okay, I love having a spreadsheet, but I don’t like adding specific times :laugh:… but when you’ve got a very strict list of things to do and you know ahead of time that a lot of time is going to be wasted in line for the new Star Tours and the new Little Mermaid adventure… well, a girl’s got to plan ahead.


I love it!!! You spreadsheet your butt off!! Your excitement is making me excited…bring it on!!! Don’t foget a packing spreadsheet:blush::laugh:


Woohoo!!! Can’t wait to hear all about the new Star Tours and Little Mermaid!!! We won’t be back in California until August or September:(


DD had me make extra master sheets to cut up each day for everyone to have a small copy of that days plans. They were worthless if they got wet while in a pocket on SM or KRR, but if we split up the kids had a better idea where to meet us later in the day if they ran out of $ or wanted dad to pick up the meal bill.


I’ve got a spread sheet, too, for a trip in September. I totally know what you mean about two specific attractions that will eat up a lot of your time. You are doing the right thing! Can’t wait for the TR!!


Laminate them!!


That would make too much sense. :laugh:
My take is if they cannot remember to slide them into the waterproof pouches in their carry bags they can deal with it.


Very excited for you and know exactly what you are going through working with spreadsheets. The kids think I am nuts having one. I am the spreadsheet queen in my house. I have one for the trip, one for each park (for counter dining options), one for packing, one for the car, a “To Do List” and a trip shopping list. It is the only way to get everything done and for things to go with out a hitch while you are there.

It may sound obsessive, but truly I am not a commando. I primarily use the spreadsheet while on vacation for all the ADR’s and any other reservations. Otherwise we pretty much go where we want when we want.


My sister is doing the “I told you so” dance…I didn’t appreciate her spreadsheets but now I know she’s not the only one. LOL


With limited days, we have to fit in:

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade
Aladdin Show
Billy Hill & the Hillbillies
World of Color

I also may try for Fantasmic and Fireworks, since it seems impossible I STILL haven’t seen the new dragon, but I’ll have to see. (The time change does me no favors!)

Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like that should be hard at all… but somehow, it still requires juggling. There’s also breakfasts to be scheduled at Carnation Cafe and Goofy’s Kitchen, and we absolutely, positively MUST make sure we see Mickey, Minnie, and Ariel… I don’t even know where to FIND Ariel yet!


And with the two year old, we can’t be commando, no matter how much everything about me is programmed for that!

Instead… we must be organized.

And DS10 is doing a big ol’ happy dance since he realized that we’ll have to Baby Swap Star Tours… he’s going to get to ride it twice as much.


LOL, this is too funny ( and kinda cool)! I spend my whole working day dealing with schedules and timelines. When we went to DL last year there were a few things I wanted to do, but basically we ended up doing what we do at the world, just bumming around and taking it all in.

I will say, when we go we get our money’s worth out of our park hoppers. We have been known to hit three parks in a day and once hit all four, just for good measure!

I can appreciate the work that goes into scheduling a trip, but man, I just want to let go while I am there, we seldom even make ressies! Thanksgiving dinner at the Crystal Palace is the only one I can remember.

But hey, it really is about what each of us enjoy.



I should TOTALLY laminate them when I get it finalized. :laugh:


[QUOTE=Andrea;1076717]With limited days, we have to fit in:

There’s also breakfasts to be scheduled at Carnation Cafe and Goofy’s Kitchen, and we absolutely, positively MUST make sure we see Mickey, Minnie, and Ariel… I don’t even know where to FIND Ariel yet![/QUOTE]

I know the one “for sure” place to meet Ariel…at Ariel’s Grotto:happy: Not sure you want to add another character meal though.


Once upon a time the grandparents didn’t have a great experience there and Ariel was actually kind of a …whoops, can’t say that on MB!.. let’s just say it didn’t seem like Ariel was all that interested in being there… so that’s one of those “never again” things for them. So I’m going to have to track her down somewhere else. Princess Fantasy Faire, maybe?


So excited for you! I too can’t wait to read the TR! I LOVE spreadsheets. I have one I MUST have with me at all times, it has ADR information and park times. I laminate it and it is 2 sided. Just a handy look and my DH always knows where I keep it in my bag and he will even pull it out to refer to it. I would feel lost without it.


OOH Andrea I am excited for you- I feel your buzz right over here :slight_smile: Spreadsheet is a great idea and laminated spread sheet? even better- we want TR too please and photos, lots of photos x


Wow, that’s not good!:pinch: I’d think that would be a good place to start. Maybe they’ll have another Ariel meet n greet near her new attraction? That would make sense to me:happy:


When I plan a trip to WDW I also do a spreadsheet, (I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one), but I set it up to tell me which parks have extra magic hours, our reservation # for hotel , flight and ADR’s the times of our ADR’s. But am I to understand you guys actually plan what time you’ll be on certain rides? How does that work out? Do you stay pretty true to your plans?


I don’t go quite that far!

I do have the meal reservations and shows listed by time. And then what I’ve done is to list the things I really want to make sure we do in the gaps between those times, leaving plenty of time for other things, too; I just want to make sure we don’t forget a “must do”.

I also list things like, on our early entry day, “8am: Get FPs for Star Tours”, because that’s when the FP machines open.

Ah, Star Tours. Your evil, undeniable appeal is messing with all of my usual plans… and I’ve got a method of Disneyland touring that works great.

If we get word that Star Tours is open during early entry… well, I may have to adjust a lot of plans.