FairyGranmama's Fabulous Frolic Thru WDW!


I am finally getting to write a TR! :mickey: :smile: :mickey:
I will wait on the details until I can load pictures, but I wanted to let you know that we did have a Fabulous vacation!
Perfect weather, except for Saturday rain.
We walked on every attraction!
I didn’t strangle anyone in my family :whistling, although I came close occasionally :smile:.
I didn’t run down any oblivious guests with my scooter :nonono2:
We had some great meals, just thinking about them makes me hungry! LOL

But most of all, Madalynn had the most magical trip ever!!!:wub::wub:


Yeah! Glad you all had a good trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Ooooh… walk-ons. Tell us more! :happy:


Welcome home! I can’t wait to read all about your adventure and see some pictures!


Another TR, can’t wait to read.


Yay a TR to get me through the week cant wait


Welcome home! I know what you mean about the magical trip, weather and lines. Can’t wait to hear more.


Welcome home! I can’t wait to read another TR!


Welcome home- so looking forward to your TR


Frolicking granmamas. What is next?


Duh…Frolicking granpas you silly boy. :whistling


Can’t wait to read all about it!


Sorry all, Jeff’s mom was in the hospital when we arrived home. She was released today and hopefully will recover quickly. She had been in the hospital for two days, but it wasn’t life threatening so they didn’t call us. :frowning:

We left Friday the 30th for our 2 day drive which was uneventful. Thanks to the great advice you all provided we stopped just before Atlanta and were up early Saturday and breezed through.

We arrived at OKW around 4:00 and went to check in. I had done on-line check in, then I called Friday to request a first floor condo ( is that the correct term?). My sister had requested a 2 bedroom near the Hospitality House for us months ago. They had a 2nd and 3rd floor available but I am back on crutches and knew I would need a scooter so requested a ground floor unit. They had to cancel the original reservation and open a new reservation in my niece’s name?!? So we were moved near the Old Turtle Pond bus
stop. Beautiful condo! I have no pictures because we exploded all over it in a matter of minutes. LOL

The rest of the crew my DD, DS-in-law, DGD, DNiece and Dnephew arrived at the same time we did from ME.

We went to Olivia’s to eat, which was very good, but they were busy so it was around 7:30 before we left. ( I have a few pics but I’m on my IPad, I’ll add them tomorrow) I had purchased tickets thinking we would go to a park this evening, but everyone was
tired, so decided to wait.

Tomorrow, Magic Kingdom and Madalynn’s first view of the actual castle and princesses =0)


Yes, we need pictures of that!!! Fun with a little girl!


Can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about it!


Can’t wait to hear more…I am glad you had a wonderful time!


Magic Kingdom!! I was up bright & early, my family was sleeping…. and still sleeping. I had promised I wouldn’t wear everyone out this time so I didn’t start making a lot of noise until 7:30. Finally everyone was up and ready by 8:30!!! I was dying to go!! My husband decided he could push me in a wheelchair, so I hoppled out to the bus and then into MK.

It took a few minutes to rent a wheelchair and we were finally going down Main Street!!! Madalynn and I had huge smiles! We stopped for a Mickey balloon and then Madalynn spied The Castle! She jumped up and down and kept saying “The Castle, The Castle”. I was sooo happy! We stopped for a photopass picture, the only picture we have with all 7 of us GRRRR . We walked down to the hub and a parade started so we stopped for the parade which thrilled Madalynn. It could not have been a more magical beginning to our trip!

Off to Fantasyland! The carrousel was first, where our one and only confrontation occurred. Madalynn wanted to ride a particular horse that had flowers on it, as Jessica put her on the horse a lady stopped her, she was going to ride that horse! It was next to the one she was putting her daughter on. Jessica put a protesting DGD on another horse. After the ride my smart mouth DD had to tell the woman that she hoped she enjoyed her ride on a horse that she stole from a 3-yr-old. The woman said “What was I supposed to do, my daughter was on the horse beside it” and of course DD told her in not very nice terms she could have stood beside the horse. DD has her father’s temperament!

So after that one upset, we moved onto Dumbo (10 min. wait), It’s a Small World & Snow White. DGD came out of Snow White and walked about 10 feet and started crying! It scared her! We quickly dried her tears, I thought O’NO, she will be afraid to ride other attractions (which didn’t happen)!
Time for lunch, we had an ADR for 12:45 at Liberty Tree so we made our way over there and waited for about 30 minutes. My DH has diabetes and of course his sugar dropped so he was eating p-butter crackers while we waited. We ended up having a yummy meal – the roast beef was great and I had ordered a Mickey head cake for my DH’s birthday, which was delicious!!

DD & DSinL took DGD back to OKW for a nap. DNephew, Alex & DNiece, Katie went to ride coasters and DH and I peacefully wandered around and rode HM, POC, Tiki Room, Hall of Presidents (all walk on)and I had my first of many Mickey Icecream bars YUM! Alex wanted to go work out at OKW so Katie came to hang with us.

We had reservations at CRT for 6:55, I wanted to get there early as I had only been able to make reservations for 3 and 4 and I was hoping we could be seated together. We arrived around 6:30 and within 5 minutes we were getting our picture taken – without Alex :dry:, and were seated. There were several empty tables which surprised me, and Alex finally arrived, on time actually, at around 6:50. I ordered the cheese appetizer, a stuffed chicken breast, and dessert trio. The chicken was especially yummy, my favorite entrée of our trip. Everyone else said their food was good but not great.
We were seated so that our table backed up to a wall where the princess came out and stopped for a moment as they were “presented”. Madalynn could turn around and stand in the seat and see them. Every princess reached out to her and spoke to her – she was in awe! Pictures of the princesses attached!!

We were escorted quickly out of MK by a CM since there was a MNSSHP going on. This is when my DH decided he could not push me around in a wheelchair all week, LOL!
DH & I went back to OKW, everyone else went to Hollywood Studios. Great Day!!






Does anyone know how to attach pics posted on facebook? My DD has posted pics of the birthday cake on facebook.

I figured it out LOL!


Our first bus ride to The Castle!

Jeff & his cake

The Castle!! Not a good pic. I don’t know what the crane was for??