Fairytale Hall Opens Tomorrow!


Hi everyone! In keeping with my tradition to make sure you guys were on the up and up about the latest offerings, the latest edition of New Fantasyland opens tomorrow. The Princesses will be at their new home where Snow White’s ride used to be behind the castle! Here’s a little of what to expect:

-There are 2 entrances for 2 seperate rooms. One room will be to meet Cinderella and a “friend” (usually Aurora) and the other room will be to meet Rapunzel and a “friend” (usually Snow White).

-If you use Fastpass+, keep in mind each room is like it’s own individual attraction. It will only fastpass you to the front of ONE room, NOT both rooms.

-There are NO hidden Mickeys within Fairytale Hall. However, hidden slippers, hidden roses, etc are ABOUND! Little surprises are everywhere within the beautiful hall.

I’m sure other questions will arise. Feel free to ask away. See you in Fantasyland!


Wait…no hidden Mickey’s…what dear lord is happening at Disney.


Will there be a list of who is where? When I see the title Princess—I think of all of them…so I hope that they print out a good sheet to pick up—of where you can find each princess… We still love to greet and get pictures of the princesses every so often…


There are only 4 in the Hall. The other Princesses, IE Jasmine, Tiana, etc. will be at their normal locations throughout the park. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t make a surprise visit now and then :wink:


Thanks Rowdy! Your updates are always appreciated!


Ughh, so that means we have to wait through two lines instead of just one to meet the princesses. This will definitely be FP+ stop only from now on.


Thanks Rowdy for the update! So glad to hear from you!


…well…in the past, we had to wait in line without FPs to see the characters in the “tent”…each line had two characters/princesses as I recall…at least you get a FP option? :slight_smile:


I guess we were spoiled since we never experienced the tent and only have visited since the princesses were placed in the Hall at the front of the park. One line 3 princesses and you were done. Oh well, if we can adapt to magic bands I guess I can adapt to only seeing 2 princesses at a time.


…do you get to the MK more than one day during your visit? Maybe you can plan to see a couple of the Princesses one day and a couple the next? Just a thought…

…way back before the “tent”/country fair place to see the characters—and my DD is 26 so I am talking a long time ago when she was young, there was no set place really to see the characters. They just kind of appeared. You could usually find Cinderella “under” the Castle but most of the characters just came up out of the underground and appeared—and the gang lines formed. It was crazy with pushing and shoving–especially for those there that feigned they did not understand English. It was a real fight to get your child up to that character before they had to exit due to heat etc… I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

At least this system now is orderly and you don’t have to worry that someone is going to push your child out of the way… OR your grown daughter!! :happy:

Good luck and I hope the system works out well for you.


Thanks for the update Rowdy! I was hoping to have a one stop shop for DW to meet the princesses, but this will work just as well.


Rowdy, What have you been up to?