Fall decor


Does anyone know when they actually decorate for fall? We are arriving late afternoon on 9/7 and going to the party on 9/10. I was hoping they won’t decorate till that Monday. I’ve never seen the park NOT decorated for fall. :ohmy:


Fall decoration start popping up the third full week of August (they start putting out Halloween merchandise in the stores) and it goes in full swing by September 1st. The first Halloween party is on September 10th, so it will be 100% by then.


We were there 8/17 - 8/24 last year and they had all the Halloween merchandise for sale, but I didn’t notice any specific Fall decorations up then—they probably were just starting to put things up and we just didn’t notice…or I have forgotten!! lol


I know how you feel, it is nice to see the parks in normal mode, we go every November, the last couple years we got there right at the end of Halloween, this year will be on Halloween, so they take everything down and there are a couple days of just normal parks, then the Xmas stuff goes up.