Fall decorations


Our girls trip is just around the corner!! I have never been to WDW in the fall-will the fall decorations be up yet? We arrive on 9/28 and leave on 10/3!! Thanks !!


I believe they are up. MNSSHP has started and in the videos I have seen everything looks decorated : ). :mickey:


They usually go up the end of August if I’m not mistaken.


They were put up the last week of August. They’ll come down Nov. 2nd and we’ll be decorated fully for Christmas at MK by Nov. 5.


I’m so excited to see all the decorations! It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen the Fall display.


ME too! We are leaving September 30 and coming home on Oct 3. We going to clean my grandparents house in Largo for the Winter stay. But we get to spent one night at POP and go to MNSSHP on Oct 2. I am so excited!! Have a great time!!


We just got back yesterday. The fall deco at MK is fab!! The halloween parade and hallowishes was great!!


I LOVE MNSSHP!!! the decorations are all so wonderful, parade is fantastic, fireworks very fun…

I hope MVMCP is as awesome!


Mickeyspal - this is our 1st trip to Wilderness Lodge Villas too! I’m so excited for it!


here is the kingdom done up for the fall halloween was there at the being og september


The day time pictures are AWESOME! But wait until you see it all decked out at night - it always takes my breath away!! :slight_smile:


Wow we are also going down on the 28th. staying a bit longer though and Yes the decorations are up and I understand that Mickey’s very scary Halloween party is in force as well


Just got back? I do believe a TR is in order:whistling


I second that. :whistling




Hope you have a great time! Let me know how you like it when you return. :mickey:


I would bore you. Thought of you. Poly is beautiful, I’m in love with the resort. Not ghetto at all. :ninja: