Fall Discounts


Anyone have the inside scoop on when the fall discounts might be released? Room only. . .annual passholder?


Not sure if this offer is available to everyone but here in Canada when we go to the WDW site, free dining is still offered from Aug 26/12 to Sept 15/12. The last time there was free dining offered, some of us here in Canada couldn’t see the offer and it had to do with the website only showing “Canadian” offers, but I called to ask about it and was told that it applied to everyone so it should work for you. I know it’s really early Fall but maybe it’s worth it for you to call if that time frame is right.


thanks! heading down in early October. I am in Maine, its almost Canada! :laugh:


We are also heading down in early October and DH won’t budge on going any earlier so I hope free dioning comes up for that time too.


I’m not sure about discounts, but I had to giggle at this. We lived in Maine for 6 months and I called it “Close Enough to Canada”


Love it!! LOL


Do you mean AP discounts or percentage off rooms? Either way, Fall discounts aren’t far away. I would think that we would be seeing Florida resident and AP discounts in the near future. Percentage off rooms or package promotions, however, I have no clue if and when they are coming.


Thanks. I am meaning either one. . . could use Annual Passholder discounts or percentage off room discounts. Am going to book, just waiting. I can go with AAA discount that gives me a little better rate, but Annual Passholder rates are usually really good. Keeping fingers crossed!


I’ll post in here the second I see them.



Just booked POP for four nights. Decent rate for a pool view, but would like to see it a little less! :whistling


Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that you’re secretly an American. :cool:?


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1115091]Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that you’re secretly an American. :cool:?

Love it!!! :ph34r: