Fall Free Dining?


IF there is going to be Free Dining Plan again this fall…when do you expect it to be announced?
What have the dates for it been in the past? August? Sept? October? November?
Are you very optimistic it will be offered again this fall?
Are there cons? If any.


The rumor has it that it will be April 10th.

We’ll see!

Lisa :mickey:


I guess the only cons would be that it’s only offered for a short time. You do ahve to pay rack rate for your room but getting free dining makes up for that easily I would think.

The free dining was only offered for a short time last fall, I believe it started in mid-August and ran through the end of September. I don’t think October or November were part of it.


Your are right DT.



What is rack rate… would that be the “value rate” for september, or higher than that?


Rack rate is just full price for that season.