Family Magic Tour Question


How fast-paced is this tour? I would like to go on it with my family when we go in Jan, but my family includes my 80 year old DIL’s and while they have stamina, they are not really fast.


It is a stop and go activity. you start in main street… and I can tell you the rest if you want to know where you go… You do start and stop multiple times… it takes about 2 hours total… It is really fun for the kids… Let me know if you want the details…


It’s not fast paced but there is a lot of stop and go walking. We’ve done it twice and had fun both times.


there is also a potty break-they will adjust the walking to accommodate everyone… There are at most about 20 people in your group-they will not leave anyone behind…


I want to know some details of what they do. I would love to take the tour