Family Magic Tour


My family is looking at doing one of these in April. My question is, do you have to book it way in advance like your ADR’s or can you book it from your resort once you arrive? Basically, how far in advance to you need to book it, and does it “sell out” typically?


We’ve done the tour twice and booked early. The group is limited to around 20 to 25 people so the numbers are very limited. Both times we did the tour our group was full so I’m guessing it’s fairly popular.

If you don’t have your heart set on it and want to be flexible then you can wait to book it, if it’s something you really want to do you might want to book it. I’m sure the tours don’t book every day this time of year but I imagine when the parks are crowded the tours are pretty full.


Thank you! You just made my arguement to DH. I told him we should book it now. LOL. This will save a fight in WDW, if we couldn’t book it. We are really looking to do some different things this trip then we have done in the past. I wanted to do the Keys to the kingdom but DD13 is too young :glare:


I think planning is key when things are important to you. If it’s going to be a disappointment if you can’t book the tour last minute then you need to book it, better safe than sorry.


I hate to hijack this thread slightly, but can someone tell me a little about this tour?


You meet your guide near City Hall and embark on a treasure hunt through MK. you are looking for Captain Hook’s hook. The tour lasts about 2 hours with a short break half way through. You have to be prepared to act silly and goofy while everyone watches you wondering what in the heck you’re doing. The first time we took the tour we ended with Peter Pan and Wendy taking us to Mickey’s PhilharMagic the second time we met Peter and Wendy but didn’t go on a ride.