Family of 5 going to WDW in april and I need your help, Mousebuzz posters


Hi everyone. We are planning a trip at the end of April. The problem I’m running into is that on this trip we are going to be a family of five instead of four. This automatically removes half of the hotels onsite. We have considered the cabins (which we really love), but are also considering somewhere new to stay. Our previous stays included WL, FWCabins, Pop, and All-Star Music. My question is can anyone recommend a different hotel that would accomidate the five that we have. By the way (and I can’t understand why) the rest of my party doesn’t want to stay ay Poly or GF,which limits my choices even more. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks a million in advance.

Ron in the “D”


gumby, what is your budget looking like? Could you go for connecting rooms at a Value, or a Moderate? Or are you looking to all get into a single room?

Also, I believe there are new family suites at the Pop, right? Someone will come along and elaborate. That option would give you more space – I think they are designed for your size party!


The Contemporary will hold 5 and is an awesome place to stay especially with a park view!


Port Orleans Riverside has two double beds and 1 trundle bed.
Sleeps 5


Port orleans is the best for a family of 5 because of the trundle and it ends up being cheaper than getting two rooms at the pop- Unless there is a kid that is in a pack and play- then you can still all fit into one room. I dont remember how you tell them that the 5th is a baby but there is a way because we have done it.


We are a family of 5 and have tried a few different options.
We did the Poly and it was great - big room, beautiful grounds and the monorail.
We did 2 rooms at the Pop and that was good because we had 2 bathrooms, 2 tvs, and 4 beds…it was just a little noisy for us.
We have also done POR twice and I was extremely disappointed in the service there this past trip. It was poor from the front desk to the horrible housekeeper. I don’t think we will ever stay there again.
My next goal is the Contemporary. I would love to stay there!


I agree that Port Orleans Riverside (Alligator Bayou area) is a good place for a family of 5. Or you can get an All-Star Family Suite for about the same price.

You should call MOUSKETRIPS and ask for KEITH. He’s can give you the best advice and options and take care of everything for you. There is a link to Mousketrips on the Mousebuzz homepage.


The trundle at POR is very short. My 11 year old had trouble fitting, but for a small child it would work


I agree about the trundle being short. It is a queen sized bed that the trundle fits completely underneath. It does work super for smaller kids though! I think the last time we stayed there we ended up getting extra pillows from mousekeeping and sort of elongated it by ourselves. It worked for us, but my dad was mad that we were paying so much for an extra bed that my brother didnt fit in!


We have used the trundle at POR, and it is tiny. But the kids love it anyway!


one thing though that Ed just reminded me with the POR room- we had no room for luggage once we had the trundle out the pack and play in between teh beds etc… there was no room to move and no place to put things. We had better room with the adjoining rooms at the pop. We also found that to be the case at AKL- we had the bunkbeds and a queen bed with Parker on the floor and Drake in the pack and play- ok so we cheated a bit but there was no room for suitcases with everyone in the room. Ed wants two rooms the next time.


I like the cabins option. I think it will fit the five of you more comfortably and with the kitchen you will have more options food wise and to save a few $$ here and there.


When we went with 5 people, we stayed in connecting rooms in All Stars. 2 rooms at All Stars was less expensive than a deluxe, everyone got to sleep in a bed, not a daybed, and we had the added benefit of 2 bathrooms. It’s great having that extra bathroom when you’re getting ready in the morning. :smile:


I know that they just converted a bunch of rooms at Allstar Music to a suite size. My inlaws had when we went down last month and it was pretty cool. We also had a realy nice room at the Boardwalk. They were adjoining room and each room had it’s on bath room and kitchen. That might be more than you want to spend. We also have rented a condo off-site before. These were down on 192, not to far from the park area.


What about getting DVC points?


I was just going to say why not rent some DVC points. We did a 1 bedroom at OKW for like 170 a night. Your probably in the 230 range for april Lots more value than a room, and a full kitchen to boot. Ive got a friend who does the points. I could ask him for your dates.


You have already stayed at ASMu, but have you tried the family suites there before??? :huh:

The family suites sure sound nice with a little more elbow room, an extra bathroom, a small kitchen and maybe even a shade more privacy than the typical room. I will be staying in one in a few weeks with my family of 5 and I am really looking forward to it! :happy:


Sorry about the length, but I’m gonna try to respond to all of the questions.

Budget-wise we are splitting the cost with my mom who wants to go with her grandkids so it’s not really that much of an issue. We would like to keep the entire trip under $4000 for tickets and room(s).

That’s where one of the problems lies with the value resorts. When I called WDW Reservations, they told me that they could not guarantee two connecting rooms unless there were more children than adults. I thought that was a bit weird.

We have stayed at the All-Star Family Suites, but ran into the same problem there with the noise at night that others mentioned.

As for the DVC points, I looked into that and the cost with tickets seemed a bit higher than we wanted to spend because the tickets would have to be purchased separately and the cost would go up.

bribren - I would really appreciate if you could ask your friend, and if it’s in our budget it is definitely an option.

We do like the idea of the cabins because they do have a kitchen and that would definitely cut down on our food costs.

We have actually never stayed at any of the moderate resorts (suprisingly enough) and I didn’t know they would accomidate 5. I should say that two of the five going are kids (8 & 9) and would probably fit in a trundle together.

These are my dilemas and thank you all for your input. I really appreciate it.


Sorry. I forgot to tell you that we are going from April 23 to May 3.

Thanks again,
Ron in the “D”


If I recall correctly, the trundle is really small-child sized, definitely not something two kids could share.