Family of 6 seated at different tables?


I just tried to make a slightly earlier reservation at Californian Grill online and it came up with an orange warning sign saying “your party may be seated at more than one table!”. Obviously, we don’t want that to happen. Do they not have any 6-seater tables there? Might I be better to call up to change a reservation? It would be awful on our first night if our family couldn’t eat together and this seems crazy. Has this happened to any of you?


We’ve eaten at GG several times and if memory serves me, they only have 4 chair tables. But that saying the tables are quite close together. I wouldn’t worry about it.
The characters are great here! Very low-key and VERY personable. They spend lots of time with each person.


No charcters at CG. It is up on the roof. You’re thinking of Chef Micky’s.


We have done 5 people at a 4 and 2 top pushed together. It just means that they do not have any of the larger tables open to assign to the reservation. If you cannot get one of the larger tables blocked before you leave get their a few minutes early and let them know you will wait for a table that can accomodate your party.

Unless you and someone else want a quiet escape meal without it looking like you are abandoning the others. If so, send the others to one table and enjoy a quiet meal with a special someone on the other side of the CG. After all, you are on holiday too.


We have had that come up several times, because we are either eating as a party of 5 or a party of 7 when we are there. We always end up together, but with two tables pushed together. I wouldn’t worry at all about it.


I have sat at a round table that seated 7 before so they do have larger tables, if not they will put 2 tables together. This is usually said at all places if you have 6 or more. We have never had to eat at separate tables.


this happened to us at Le Cellier in Epcot. We had 13 and they split us into 4 at one table and the rest at another. they didn’t tell us until we arrived; otherwise, we would have chosen another restaurant.


GG, not CG!
Garden Grill only serves dinner and they still have characters (Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale)

I ate there once (after riding Mission Space before the latest taming) and didn’t find the slow rotation to be a problem. I also didn’t find the meal that great, but part of that is my preference for buffets over family style service.


We’re a family of 7 when we go and we’ve been told many times upon booking reservations that we could be seated at two tables, however, that has never happened. We have always checked in as 7 and always been seated together.


OHHH I guess I should wear my glasses! I was thinking of Garden Grill :laugh::laugh:


We have gone to California Grill with a party of 7 and they sat us at the same table. So, there are tables, I guess they just don’t have a lot of them.