Family sues Disney over boy's death after ride


One year after a 4-year-old Pennsylvania boy died after riding Epcot’s Mission: Space simulator ride, his family has sued Walt Disney World for wrongful death.

full story can be found here at this link,0,208418.story?coll=orl-home-headlines


its such a sad story but really not the fault that is being placed. Undiscovered medical issues could cause issues on any ride. This one just happened to push that button. And didnt the lady that also died on the ride know she had issues and ignored the warnings dismissing them as over protective or something of the sort? I went on it and it really was not so bad at all! JMO


we were there when thi happened if memeory serves me at the time we were told.didnt this mom insist her son be allowed on this ride even though the cast member didnt think he was old enough ???


Of course they are suing. :dry: I am extremely sorry for this family’s loss, but I don’t believe Disney has any liability in this case. Disney covers their butts in every possible way, from the multiple warnings posted in plain sight, to cast members trying to enforce necessary safety rules. The family will get a settlement though, because that’s the way things work in the magical land of Disney. :rolleyes:


This is sad for both parties, I would not want to be in either person’s shoes! I wish that people would not be so sue happy like the McDonald’s Coffee suer!


I am so sorry for the family to have lost that little boy. However, what is a suit going to do? It won’t bring back the little boy. so what’s the point?


In a word…M O N E Y.

I too am sorry for their loss. However, even without a hidden medical issue, a child so young should NEVER have been on that ride. It’s the family’s fault. Guess they need money to rid them of their guilt.

Sad world we live in.


I must agree here. I am so very sorry for the family, and I wish it never happend to any parent. However, I must say, why do parents feel they are not responsible for the discretion of their child? If the parents feel the child should have been bigger, or had any inclination or uncomfort about having their son on that ride, they should have gone with it. I believe very strongly in personal responsibility. While it is a shame, there were plenty of warnings posted to educate any parent on the intensity of this ride. I know my 4 year old wouldn’t be on it.

I can’t say I’m surpised about the lawsuit, and I’m sure I won’t be surprised by the settlement. This is America after all, land of the free, and home to many, many sheisty attorneys.


They must have met a lawyer @ a party


You know that some scuzzy lawyer jumped all over this case. (apologies extended to any non-scuzzy DC attorney :wink: ) It’s greed, pure and simple. I am sad for anyone who suffers such a loss, and the loss of a child is the most horrible thing I could imagine, but it’s no reason to make a quick buck. Just MHO. :dry:


Wow, I’m surprised at some of the comments. I guess if your son or daughter died on a ride at WDW you would just say oh well we should have known better or we should have read the signs, we’ll know better next year. :huh:


No, not at all DayDreamer. But sometimes when someone dies there is no one at fault. That’s all I was trying to say. :sad:


Just to reiterate what I said before, this is a loss that I wish and hope no one has to go through. But sometimes, events in our life are tragic accidents, and not the fault of another. If the parents felt unsafe, they should have gone with the instinct. If they chose to still allow their son to ride, it is nobody’s fault. It is a horrible, sad, tragic accident. The lawsuit states there is fault and failure on the part of Disney for this death, and I just don’t see how that is really applicable.

I’m sorry if I offended you, please don’t take it to heart. :wub: I promise I’ll get off my soapbox now! :angel:


I feel bad for all invlved. I am sure the family is so grief stricken they are being advised that this is the right thing to do. I hate to cast stones, I hope I am never in such a position, but I really don’t think that the money will make the grief go away.


It’s easy to defend Disney to the end, I just wonder how many people would actually NOT sue…

I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, or that I would or wouldn’t (I really don’t think I would? I’m not sure, it would depend on the situation)

But, it’s unfair to a greiving family to say they jumped on a lawyer at a ‘party’ or some nasty lawyer just jumped all over it.

A little boy lost his life. On vacation. :crying:

So sad.


Erin and Dreamer, you guys make excellent points.

I came across sounding a little too harsh, so maybe I should rephrase. :sad:

The only reason I am frustrated by this situation is because most lawsuits brought against Disney are due to guest negligence or stubbornness. People are so unwilling to believe that rules/regulations are in place to protect their family, they think the rules are just there to spoil their fun. Thus, horrible AWFUL stuff like this happens.

In a case like this, it’s really hard for me not to fault the family. I don’t know all the facts, but if what has been reported is true, they were well aware that their child was not fit to experience the attraction.

I’m just afraid in this situation, the family thinks that money will heal all wounds. And it just won’t. Money could never replace a loved one.

HOWEVER, Erin, to agree with you…even if I had had a lapse in judgment and allowed my child to go…I would probably be suing too. I don’t think I would see the other side of things. I would only see that I lost my child. :crying:


Right…, and for the record, you didn’t come across harsh. :c)

Let me give a ‘for instance’

My ex-husband just recently lost his baby girl. THey are suing the hospital for medical neglect. Will this bring Megan back? No. DId the hospital do anything wrong? Who knows.

All I know is that my ex husband and his girlfriend NEED someone to blame. (not that it makes it right) - they NEED to make sense of it. They NEED something to focus their efforts on in their baby’s honor.

Would I pick THIS to focus on after my baby’s death. Maybe not. I’m wired differently. But, I can tell you, it’s NOT about the money. It’s about…well, probably it’s about alot of things, but I’m sure money isn’t it. Unfortunately, it’s the ONLY way the law allows a family to be compensated. (Not that compensation is the answer)

I am NOT saying that suing in ANY case IS the answer. But, I am saying there is always, always, always TWO sides to every story.


and, of course, I mean this with love and respect. I really do.


This is a TERRIBLE tragedy, and I hate it, but here’s the bottom line. If the family didn’t know this little boy had this medical condition, then how on Earth was Disney to know? To me, it just seems like this family is trying to make a quick buck off this tragedy. I never want to hear of somebody being hurt or even worse on a ride, but M:S has more written signs, flashing neon signs, video monitors and audio tracks warning us about the risks of M:S… There’s NO WAY anybody can claim that M:S is lacking enough warnings… I just DO NOT see how Disney could be liable for this… It’s just not possible…


You’re absolutely right, and that story could not be a better example.

I have an uncle who is “sue-happy.” Whenever something goes wrong, it’s not that he NEEDS the money, and it’s not that the money will really help the situation, it’s the fact that he NEEDS someone to blame. He can’t feel justified in a situation unless he knows that someone else has taken responsibility for whatever happened.

I don’t think I’m that way. I’m not sure I could sue a company for something unless it was clear that they were completely at fault for whatever happened. Otherwise, I would just feel…weird. And kind of devious. :confused:

I don’t know the whole story in this M:S situation, so I don’t know what the family believes happened. This decision really is theirs, though. I can only speculate.


I’ve never ridden, so, I have NO knowledge of the ride itsself. I just hate for a greiving family to be badmouthed.

It’s unfair to say the bottom line is money. How can we possibly understand, unless we’ve lost a child?