Family Suite Question


I am bored out of my mind today, so I am picking apart my vacation plans for June. If a discount for WDW comes out, are you able to add them to a family suite? The famly suites are still very new to WDW and this is a question I have no clue about. Anyone?


Only if Disney decides to include them in reduced rates or doesn’t so limit the number of discounted rooms to 10-15 on any one day.


Have you seen them included before? ASMusic has had them for awhile now and I honestly can’t ever remember seeing a discount for them.


When they first came out, there were FL resident and PH rates - but I haven’t seen them in awhile either. I think there are few suites and they go fast! Guess that’s why they decided to build a whole resort of them. When that resort isdone, we might see the discounts again.

I’ve priced it out, and it’s actually cheaper to get two value rooms (well at a discount) then one family suite.