Family Suites at All Star Music


I just read on Mousesavers that AS Music is adding 192 family suite units! Check out the details on

Mousesavers reports that these rooms are not yet available for booking. I called WDW just to see and it is correcet… they did not have any information to give me. The CM told me to call back as soon as I read about more information online. I’ll be checking daily! Sounds like a great deal!!! :mickey:


As far as I know, they have a model suite only. I don’t think they’re presently building them.
But these are sure to be popular rooms when they are done!


thanks for the info.:mickey:


This sounds like a great option for those of us with 5 or 6 in the family, especially if they book some with an AP discount. It would be cheaper than 2 value rooms and have a little kitchen and some privacy for the adults.


I saw a little blurb in an e-mail from MS about family suites coming soon, but didn’t go to the site yet to read about it. I thought it would be in line with the rumors about the Legendary Years buildings at Pop Century being turned into suites, I hadn’t heard about AS Movies, so thanks for the info dab! I’ll be interested to learn more as things develop :mickey:


Our youngest will be in a port-a-crib at POFQ this June, but this will definitely be an issue for us in the future with a family of 5. I definitely can’t wait to hear more about this!


I am pretty sure there were some pictures of the models of the suites at ASM at allearsnet about a month ago, if anyone wants to see what they are going to look like.

This seems like a great idea for families who want a suite but don’t want to leave WDW property.


This might work for my family of 6!


Thanks for the info, dab. This is a much needed option for families, I hope it happens soon.


I know that Mickey put this info on the front page news but I just wanted to bump this post up to let you know that Mousesavers has updated some info. is reporting…
52 suites will be available by June and another 140 will open by this fall and it is anticipated that they will open for reservations on approximately March 6.


Is there any news on cost?


Mickey has the details on the front page news. But, here it is:
“Rack rates” (full price) for the family suites are $169 value season, $209 regular, $239 peak, $259 holiday.


I got the allearsnet newsletter and read the same thing, how reservations were being taken in March but the actual date the suites will be available is still up in the air. Doesn’t make sense to me, “Yes we are taking resevrations for the suites, when can you stay in them?? Well we’re not too sure but would you like to be put on the waiting list?”
I can tell you what though, they are going to go and go quick! Disney is making a good choice, but I wonder if it’s taken a bit too long though. I mean thats what the vacation club was meant for, but for some its just not economical.


FYI- I called CRO just a few minutes ago to ask about my Oct reservation (at another property) and remembered that the rumor was today is the day these suites were to be released, so I asked her about the rooms.

The agent told me they had been released this am, BUT there was/is a glitch in the system and they aren’t able to book it right now. She also told me that they (meaning she and her co-workers) were surprised at how many people have called today to ask about the suites, and that they are surprised everyone said they read about it on the internet, lol.

So, if you are trying to get one of these rooms, you might want to try later today and see if the glitch is fixed :mickey:

Good luck!


LOL, thats funny, so the day they are supposed to be able to be booked there is a glitch?!?!
I’m wondering if they have all the rooms worked out, cause now that this info has been leaked there are a lot of guests (me included!) who definately want one.
So has the glitch been fixed or has anyone checked to see if you can reserve them online?


To answer my own question, yes you can reserve it online, however it still comes out cheaper to get two connecting/adjoining standard rooms.

Aside from Allearsnet where else is there info on the suites? I want to know if it’s worth it for the suite as opposed to two rooms or even one moderate/deluxe resort room.


I called to book a ressie around 7pm and they told me it could be released any hour. He said the best bet would be to call back first thing in the am. So, you can really book it online now?

Downsouthtigger, the only other place I found info was on There isn’t any other info than what Mickey posted or what is on

I’m going to go check online now.


Ok, me again… I just made my ressie online. I tried calling again first but was told they are having problems and the system won’t allow them to book. He suggested to call back again tomorrow - they’ve been told it will be fixed by Wednesday at the latest.

So, just tried online just to see… and it worked!! My confirmation is in my email folder! I’ve never tried a value resort. We’ve always stayed at moderate or deluxe. We stayed at BCV last Sept. and having the extra rooms and kitchen really spoiled us. We’re looking for a budget friendly option this time. So, even thought it costs a little more than 2 rooms I’m looking forward to the new furnishings and kitchenette. It seems like a great value!


Great dab! I’m glad you were able to book it online, that is great. Now I can’t wait to start reading the reports on the rooms.


This could be a great idea, to get a suite for less than the price of a deluxe standard room. Bet they book fast.