Family Suites at All Star Music


Hi Everyone!
Ok, We booked our trip for Dec at the new Family Suites room at the All Star Music :laugh:
The rooms look great - nice extra space for the kids and adults and just enough extra room with the kitchenette. I like the idea of seperate baths and a bit of freedom. Has anyone enjoyed this yet. The fold outs look interesting for the kids too. I think its better than two seperate rooms.

I applaud Disney for making this effort and please share any experiences…




We have not tried this… but we did do a double room. How was your pricing. Is it cheaper than doing a double room?


It really is not cheaper. The fact that there are no discounts available makes a big difference. We paid $179 nightly.
My children are still young - so I preffer this arrangement better, than the few dollars of savings. You know DIsney will never gaurantee connecting rooms.


OK… thanks! We were lucky and had adjoining rooms. IT worked out really nice to have 2 of everything. I do like the idea of the family suite better though.


I like that in “our” (the parents room), we have a larger bed - queen or King and a small sitting area.

And the children have there own fun space. Not that we are there all that much, but it makes it easoer after a long day!


I couldnt agree more! It is especially nice to have 2 bathrooms. That makes it alot easier to settle in after a long day of fun… and making the mad dash to get ready in the morning to get back to all the fun!:laugh:


Do you know if there is 2 tvs?


WE just went to WDW over Labor Day and the other 2 couples that travelled with us shared a suite. It was really nice and there is plenty of room. THere are two TV’s. I will see if I have any pictures of the inside of the room and I will post them for you.


Looking forward to the pics. I have seen a few online, but I think they were preliminary pics before they finished all the units.

Hope you had a good time during the Labor Day weekend.


Mark and I were talking about this maybe for our next trip. I heard you can’t combine the suites with the free dining deal…wonder if that is true.

It would be so nice to have a room to ourselves this time around without doing 2 rms.


I am home from work now and I will take a run through my pictures to see what I have. Of course they will have people in them but you can still see the room around them…


[QUOTE=LuvMyLittleNoah]Mark and I were talking about this maybe for our next trip. I heard you can’t combine the suites with the free dining deal…wonder if that is true.QUOTE]

The time of year were going, we had to pay fir the DDP anyways. I am not sure though if they honor the special package. I am sure that at this point and time - no discounts are accepted. But thats ok - they look great and it’s all paid for - dinner and all :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


We originally planned on booking a suite for our upcoming december trip, too. But in coversations with Keith at Mousketrips, we decided that two rooms would actually suit us better. We have six people - all adult size (two teenage girl cousins). The sizes of the beds works better for us with four double beds. We are hoping for adjoining rooms, but we’ll be close to each other at any rate.

when are you going?? We’ll be there Dec. 28-Jan.4


We will be going Dec 1-8th at WDW and then 8-11 at Disney’s Vero Beach to relax :happy:

I have been told by CM while making ressies that if there are children sleeping in the second room, they will automatically give you connecting rooms. I am not sure if they save them for that reason only, or how it works.

I specifiacally told the CM that the kids were going to be in the second room and he said it would not be a problem…but we decided on the suites.


Well me and my gang are going to be staying at the All Star Music Resort in the new family suites. I am looking forward to it! It will be nice to not have to squish my family of 5 into a small single room!!! :biggrin:

EXCITED! :happy:


THere was a large group of us traveling, so for reservation purposes we put one of children in a room with my cousin and her husband, but in reality she stayed in our room at the POP (we were all at POP). It was cramped. We brought a twin size air mattress for one of the kids, and there was really no place to put it, crammed it between the bed and the wall. Will NOT do this again! We are looking at the suites next time.

I think the real difference is with a suite you get a kitchenette??? With adjoining rooms its just two of everything. I like the idea of adjoining if guaranteed, really don’t think we would use the kitchenette part much – I am, afterall, on vacation:laugh:


You do get a bigger bed - queen in the “adult side”. So it will be nicer than just two rooms.


We booked the bounce back w/free dining on our last trip 9/15-9/22 and I was able to book the family suites. Originally we were going to stay at CBR b/c DH didn’t like the size of the rooms at the ASSp(where we stayed) but when I read about the size of the family suites I called and switched w/no problems. The difference in price for our time 9/13/08-9/20/08 was about $280 more than CBR but if this will make DH more comfortable so he can catch the Disney fever it is money well spent!