Family vacation december 2012


dh and i have been talking about taking our kids all grown up but still our kids lol. to Disney for Christmas next year. . question we know that Christmas itself is insane but we are thinking of early December… we want all the decoration and the Christmas around the world to be in place. so what so you think dec 1 or dec 8 we will be going for 5 or 6 nights.


I think it’s a perfect time of year to see the Christmas Decorations without the Christmas crowds. You can do the MVMCP…it’ll be great.


I think it sounds marvelous. I think either of those dates would be equally as good!


Funny, we’ve always taken our grown kids with us, but for Christmas came up with the opposite conclusion. We’re making this our first trip WITHOUT them. It will also be our 30th anniversary celebration trip. We’re looking at first week of Dec.


Have never been just before or during Christmas, but we did fly out just after Christmas one year and it was wonderful! Up until New Years it was unbelivably busy, but there was such an atmosphere about the place! The decorations where all still up and The Osbourne lights still on, it was wonderful! After News Years Eve - we had the parks almost to ourselves, especially on New Years Day until early afternoon! It was a very strange experience and we got some amazing pictures on Main Street!

As pretty as Christmas is at WDW, I’d rather take in their Christmas atmsphere either November or late December, those crowds are just too crazy right ontop of the holidays for me to really enjoy myself!

And speaking of taking grown up kids - I’m 24, my brother is 19, we’re still heading to WDW with our parents!


We were there November 25 to December 2 last year and it was terrific. All the decorations were up (except the MK tree, which was disappointing) and all the special events were underway. Do not miss the Candlelight Procession - beautiful and uplifting.


Somewhere, I can’t remember where, I read that Dec. 1 and the week of Dec.8 are both good. December 8 being slightly better because Pop Warner week will be during the first week.
Both weeks are the lowest ranked in the way of crowds during the year


You will love that.


Nooo…you don’t want to go the first two weeks in dec. It’s horrible!!! [SIZE=“2”]Ignore my countdown…it’s an error.[/SIZE]

Ok…you can go but if SOMEPEOPLE keep blabbing how nice it is… :angry:

We can tell you the truth but then we’d have to kill you. :eek: Anytime after Thanks giving weekend until the 15th. Then the crowds REALLY start.


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wud I miss?


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Beginning of December is great! Hope you and your family have a wonderful trip.


Kids couldnt all get time off so it has been delayed till next year. Dh and I are going in last week of september to spend time w dd who works at mk


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