Fancy places to eat


My 8 year old wants to eat at a fancy place in WDW. Anyone know of a place? Somewhere I can use the dining plan at?



Cal Grill is one of our favs! And they let you draw on the table cloth! Is that fancy enough?


Really now that’s cool. Can I use the dining plan with that?



how about cinderellas castle-that is beautiful.


What exactly does your 8-year-old mean by fancy? When my kids were 8, any place that didn’t feature food in a paper bag that had been kept warm under a heat lamp was “fancy.”

A few suggestions:

Magic Kingdom - Tony’s
Epcot - LeCellier or Rose & Crown
MGM - Brown Derby
Boardwalk - Big River Grill or Flying Fish Cafe
Contemporary - California Grill
Wilderness Lodge - Artist Point
Dolphin - Shula’s Steak House
DTD - Fulton’s (or Planet Hollywood - not too fancy, but kids like it)

Anyway - have fun and don’t eat too much!


I think he means beautiful. Something prettier than Chef Mickey’s something like that he said.



The California Grill is 2 table meals on the dining plan but it is worth it, and you can watch the fireworks if you time it right!


Do you have to dress up to eat there?



The only “dress code” that I am certain of is no hats. But we saw people dressed shorts and t-shirts to nice. We enjoy dressing up a little. Nothing major but the men don polo/button up shirts and the women pull out cute skirts and capris. It really is beautiful.

I would go with California Grill and do fireworks - we LOVE it!


All of the signature dining experiences (2 table service credits on the dining plan) have a dress code. Not major, but no hats, no flip flops, no shorts, that sort of thing. It’s not enforced at all, but they do tell you about it when you make your reservation.

I don’t think California Grill is beautiful- except for the fireworks. I found the decor really dated, it’s loud, and I don’t think it looks all that “fancy”.

Artist Point is beautiful in an understated, more natural way. It’s definitely my favorite.

For an 8 year old, I would think that they ultimate “fancy” experience would be the castle!


What time should I make a reservation in order to see the fireworks? Do they have a kids menu?



The problem with the castle thing is that he’s a boy and not at all interested in Cinderella. What is Artist Point? Where is that at? Can we use that for this dinner plan?



We did the Brown Derby and my boys loved it and did view it at a “fancy” dinner. They were a little older (15) but anything quieter, a little dark and calming qualified as “fancy” for them. Many of the Epcot options would be in the single TS range
Italy, we loved it, France haven’t done it yet, and of course Canada, Le Cellier, one of our top picks.


Is there somewhere in Epcot where you can see Illuminations and eat dinner? Oh and it only count as 1 Table Service?



Rose and Crown is 1 and you can see the fireworks. We had an Ok meal there NYE but we wouldn’t rush back and isn’t as fancy as Cal Grill.


What is NYE? What is so fancy about Cal Grill?



i’ll be honest, in my opinion even if the Cali Grill is considered “fancy” the atmosphere would be pretty boring for an 8 year old. That’s just my opinion, but if I was 8 year old again and told my parents i wanted to eat at a “fancy” restuanant i would have been a lot more excited to go to something like DEFINATELY 1900 Park Fare, or maybe even Alfredo’s would translate as “fancy” for them b/c they come around and serenade you. Marrakesh maybe too b/c of the bellydancing and definately Cinderella’s Royal Table b/c the castle is so fancy.

Who knows, I am sure EVERY dining experience you have will be magical for your family, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It will be great no matter where you choose :smile:


I agree! Watching the fireworks from on top of the Contemporary Resort while dining is spectacular! Especially if you go outside!

And they let you draw on the table cloth there as well! :wink: :mickey:


If his idea of “fancy” is nice white tableclothes, a pretty room, etc. I’d go with Chefs de France. It is a beautiful setting. If there is just the two of you you can ask for a table in the front windows and watch all the people strolling by in the World Showcase. The food is good, too.


I will ask him tonight what he means by fancy. When I get back from class and after I get him to bed I will get back on DC and tell you all.