Fansite Shirts!


Let’s say I made a shirt with the domain and said under it “A Disney Discussion Forum.” Would Disney get mad? I own a Disney forum and in the website it’s self it actually has the word “Disney.” Since legally I don’t own Disney if I made a shirt that had it would they be mad at me and not let me wear it? I’m worried because I don’t want any issues when I go.


I know we had to change our name from Disney Central to Mousebuzz so I am guessing it is not ok. But I really don’t know much about this sort of thing.


I know I don’t understand either. There are other forum sites out there with the words Disney and basically forums so it makes no sense to me. I’m very concerned and confused. Actually you guys still own it just redirects here.


I guess I can give an example. Every time we open a new show or parade, the opening cast will usually make a shirt or jacket to go with it. This is on our own. Disney doesn’t do this for us. We never put our characters, but we do put their “silhouettes” on the shirts, as well as the name of the show/parade we’re opening and sometimes the park. Just have to make sure any logos/names that are copywritten and trademark bear the symbol. And think of all the shirts guests make for their vacation. As long as it’s not a pic of Mickey smoking or puts the Disney name to shame, it should be fine.


Interesting… that is very good to know. Thank you.


I never even thought about copyright infringement when I was considering making Tees for my family. So I am understanding it right ,that homemade tees with characters on them and words like Disney Bound is ok? I know its not asking about fansite the tees question, but still would like confirmation before i put in the effort.



Making a shirt for yourself is one thing;
Making them to sell is another.


I’m a “DISigner” on the DISboards, and we make free Disney designs for people all of the time. Disney doesn’t mind - as long as they are not sold, since it’s illegal to sell copyrighted material without permission.

So people can take our designs and print them out and iron them onto shirts or whatever, but if they took them to a screenprint shop, they’d likely be turned down (especially if they were then going to sell the shirts).

However, there are some Etsy designers who sell copyrighted Disney material. If Etsy becomes more mainstream, I think Disney will crack down on them.

Also, the Delta-Sigma sorority on campus uses the Disney font for some of their shirts. And our high school special education class went to Disney last year and made shirts with our mascot wearing Mickey ears and it said “Dogs go to Disney.” I think as long as it’s in a specific area like a school and not mainstream on the internet, it is okay. That doesn’t mean it’s not illegal - I just don’t think Disney cares about it if the people doing it aren’t profiting very much.

A seamstress friend of my mom wrote a book which was apparently very popular in the sewing world. In the book, she referred to a certain fabric store as “the Disneyland of fabric,” and Disney made her remove their name or pay licensing/copyright/whatever fees.


Ok thank you very much, tees are a go then :mickey:



agree with the others. Doing something for yourself is fine, selling it for profit is not. Some are authorized to sell copyrite merchandise but only after paying a reproductive fee to the parent company for thousandssssss of dollars.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1056846]Making a shirt for yourself is one thing;
Making them to sell is another.[/QUOTE]

I think this is the thing, making it for yourself or a family trip is fine as long as you don’t sell them. Trying to make some money is a no, no…