Fantasmic at DL


With just about 2 weeks until our trip to
DL yippee !!!
I have a few questions about Fantasmic at DL.
How long is the show?
Is there a good spot to watch it from.


The show is exactly 23 minutes long. Since “Fantasmic!” is played on The Rivers of America the best viewing spots are listed below:

New Orleans Square (best viewing area)
The front area of Frontierland
A few areas in Critter Country
There are also other good places to view the show. If ud like those places just ask me and Ill give them to you. Once you get there and you see around the Rivers of America the viewing spots are pretty self explanitory. But take note that you are going to want to get your spot around 30 mins before the show actually starts. I hope that helped a little bit and any other info you want on this or anything about the park feel free to ask. :slight_smile: If you go to this link below and look at the map you can see what Im talking about. From The Haunted Mansion to the side of Big Thunder, thats the best viewing areas. :slight_smile:


If you want to splurge & can get reservations at this late date, try the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet!!! It’s awesome! It’s almost $50/person, but they have wonderful desserts, coffee, & fruits & cheeses. And you get to watch Fantasmic from a 2nd floor balcony off the art gallery!!! And of course, being Disney, they take all the fat & calories out before they serve it to you!! :whistling


OH YEA! I forgot about that. I myself have never done it…not really wanting too, but my neighboors did it. They said it was awsome and you have a great view and wonderful music and goooooood food to munch on while watching the show. If you have a little extra money I would say you should Definatley do the dessert beffet!


Last time we were there we found a great spot as we walked up just as it was starting. We just stopped at the walkway next to the Swiss Family Treehouse and watched from there. My kids stood on the side of the fence and had a great view. The walkway descends down so there’s virtually no bad place to stand in that area.

In the past we’ve also gotten soup or fritters at that soup place that’s right at the entrance to New Orleans Square.

We’ve also stood over to the side of the river and viewed it from an up-close, but side angle. There is nobody in those spots. The area as you’re walking back from Thunder Mountain, for example, is deserted at that time of night, and you can see Fantasmic.

There are a ton of great viewing areas without having to actually wait for the show.


Okay, a couple of comments (from a “Fantasmic” obsessed fan)…I watch both performances per night, usually at least 2 nights a week! :biggrin:

First of all, I’m going to amend what anaheimboy said about getting your spot 30 minutes before showtime. Since you are coming in the summer, getting a good spot along the fence requires plopping down a blanket at least one hour before showtime, but usually more. I have seen the entire fence perimeter full by as early as 7 PM! (With the show at 9!) You can still get great viewing if you are willing to stand, but for as long as you will have to wait, sitting is worth it.

Also, what Disneywife said about the walkway by the treehouse…it is definitely a great viewing spot! Unfortunately, Fantasmic guest control (you’ll recognize them by the bumble-bee-yellow coats they wear) are now obsessively keeping that area clear. If you even think about standing still in that walkway or near the treehouse, be prepared to get yelled at. :angry:

I hope you guys have a GREAT time! (And for the record Disneywife and anaheimboy, I’m not trying to bash your suggestions. :blush: I just have noticed that Fantasmic guest control can be extremely grouchy! :blink:)


No, no offense taken of any type. Its just that with me going to DL ALL the time I know of ways to get an awsome spot 30 mins before the show starts. But yea I will have to aggree with dznygrl, I did forget that your going during the summer, the fences around the river are usually lined and full with people some times as early as 7pm. And yes dont even try to stand near or around Trazans Tree House or in the walking area because you WILL get a “scholding” trust me I know this from experience…also never try to beat the crowds by walking on the other side of the walkway during Fantasmic! You will get in “trouble”. Hope you all have a wonderful time at The Happiest Place on Earth! :slight_smile:


We watched it from there just 3 weekends ago. They had ropes on each side of the walkway so that people could stop and watch (while standing), and the middle was open and there was the flashlight guys there waving them back and forth to keep people moving. So I think they’ve accomodated the area for viewing… and since most people keep going down the walkway to get closer to the show, it’s not crowded and a great place to stop if you’re as flaky as us and get there at the last minute. :blush:

They didn’t shoo us away at all, and with the addition of the ropes they are accomodating people there. They did take the ropes down halfway through the show though and walked away…we thought that was kinda weird.


yes that may have been your experience but I just saw the show again on tuesday night and they wernt letting anyone in those areas…hmmmm…but they do change it alot, some times you can stand there, sometimes you cant…it also mainly depends on whos working the area during the show too. And Im not saying your wrong or anything Im just telling you what my experience was. Hope theres no hard feelings. :slight_smile:


That’s excellent, I’m glad to hear it. There is no need for them to keep the entire walkway clear, and it really is a perfect viewing spot. :smile: I swear, those Fantasmic guest control people (I shouldn’t say too much–I could be one of them! I choose to do guest control for the Electrical Parade in DCA, though) seem to do things differently every time.


yup…They act like their running a free way by person…like u said dznygrl “There is no need for them to keep the entire walkway clear” that is deffinatley true! But its all good. No matter how they run the show Ill love it anyways! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And hey dznygrl…what courses in college did u have to take to be a CM? What did u have to do and what was required to become a CM? I wanna ask someone who recently just became one so I know what the newest standards are…thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey anaheimboy…
No college required for entry-level positions at Disney! Not really any experience required, either. They don’t look at that. They simply look for honesty, friendliness and availability. You should have a good chance…when you get to that “magical” age of 18. :biggrin:


WHAT?? Really? My aunt told me you were required 3 years of college and one year had to be of engineering and you had to have some type of experience. She must had been talkin about WDI’s. Well thanks! Now what did you start out doing within the park? And do you have a choice of what you can start out doing and do you have a choice of what park you work in? Also whats the starting wage? Just curious ;-).


What’s a WDI?

My brother drove the jungle group in between his 1st and 2nd year of college. Just a summer job.

FWIW my dh is a vp and he hasn’t finished college. He does, however, have extensive training and experience in his field (technology).


a WDI is a short for a Walt Disney Imagineer.


If you want to do that you’ll probably have to major in engineering. But that’s not entry level. To be a regular cast member you only have to be 18, but it would be entry level. You could do that part time while you’re going to school.

That one summer my brother worked the jungle cruise he had a great time! And I had a friend in college that worked there the whole 4 years she was in school, at various areas in the park, and just had a blast.


Thats awsome. Yea I plan to become a WDI, Im going to have to take 2 years or so in engineering and a year or so in architectural design and interior design. But ive always wanted to be one and I plan and hope to become one too! And if not, well then Disneyland will hopefully be seeing alot of me! lol. But my goal is a WDI! :slight_smile: By the way…do you know the starting wages and if you get a choice between what parks you work in and what rides you run, or where you work in the parks? Thanks! :slight_smile:


No, I sure don’t…but I’m sure a call to Human Resources will answer those questions for you. That number is (714) 781-1640. :phone:


lol…thanks…And you know what the funny thing is…I have every Disneyland number memorized! LOL. But thanks for giving me the number anyways. :slight_smile: :wink:


You’ll actually be calling the Team Disney building - that big green and yellow one off the freeway. :mickey: