Fantasmic Dessert Buffet/Reserved Seating at Disneyland


OK, this is embarrassing to admit… DANIEL HAS NEVER SEEN FANTASMIC (well not fully anyway)! Neither at WDW or Disneyland. I’ve seen it when I’ve been with my Dad, Michele, etc… but never with Daniel. The most he’s seen of it is as we walked by or stopped and glanced at DL. He just doesn’t like feeling crowded while watching a show or leaving with masses of people. He makes exceptions for fireworks because we sit for awhile & let people leave first.

ANYWAY, I was just reminising in my head of how impressed my Dad was with our reserved seating & dessert buffet during Fantasmic at Disneyland. He was eating desserts like a little kid in an unsupervised candy store. :laugh: :biggrin:

So, I just can’t decide, should I do this for Daniel too? It would be his first time REALLY able to watch & enjoy Fantasmic with his favorite thing in the world… desserts GALORE. I know it feels pricey (I think $60 pp), but I was thinking we’ll just forego a sit down dinner, eat something light quick service, & save plenty of space for the desserts?

Yay? or Nay? Do you think it’s worth the effort & $ again, I just can’t decide. Daniel is not Mr. Enthusiasm like my Dad is BUT he would absolutely find the “reserved seating” a god sent & would be in dessert heaven.


I say do it for him…a surprise of course. I think it will be a really sweet touch (no pun intended) to a magical trip. You could really add to it by giving him his anniversary gift there too…little romance never hurt anyone…:wub:


I voted Yes do it! It’s your special “sandwich” trip afterall… Wouldn’t it be cool If you surprised him.


It DEFINATELY would be an amazing surprise for him, he was actually kinda jealous when my Dad & I returned & he saw the picture of the huge dessert buffet.:laugh: I think I am just feeling guilty b/c this ORIGINALLY was suppose to be a “ok, we’ll spend the least amount of $ as possible.” :laugh: Now it’s turned into well we HAVE to go to Goofy’s Kitchen & I REALLY want to try Hook’s Pointe, “Oh, remember that AWESOME breakfast we had at Storyteller’s,”… the wheels are churnin’. :laugh:

I think if we skip a sit down meal that day & do a quick service dinner the dessert buffet will be fine!

We’ll see, it’s also a VERY hard reservation to get, especially when calling from the east coast. They tend to fill up in .5 seconds & you MUST MUST MUST get on the dining line like right before it opens, ONE month before the date of your reservation, & when there dining line opens I am already at work! :pinch:


Where do they do this? I thought it was on the balcony that’s now part of the Dream Suite.


Jess, honestly, I am not a dessert person. A great dinner and a glass of wine would be more my style. That said, if you are going to do the trip right, maybe you’d like to throw in as many special activities as possible! DL is a long way form home, so you may want to experience all the parks have to offer! And Daniel did just surprise you with a very special day, so a nice surprise for him would be perfect.


Jess that would be the perfect return surprise! I say definately do it.


There are two locations, the balcony was one but they also block off a location on the higher tier on the river front. They set up a beautiful dessert & beverage buffet. There are about 3 rows of chairs (maybe about 30 people can be seated here). They also have servers that will come & bring you things if you don’t want to keep getting up during the show. They also gave you this collectible Pirates treasure box filled with chocolate ‘dubloons.’

When we did it in '06 my Dad LOVED it. We had an unobstructed view, the desserts were out of this world & it was a welcome respit after walking in the hot sun all day.

It was pretty cool.


That’s true, and I DO called him the “dessert monster” after all! This kinda sounds right up his alley. :laugh:


I did find this link to a thread I had back in '06 about it. Andrea, it has pics of the seating area, etc.


This sounds pretty awesome! You should definitely do it. In fact, I am thinking we may do it for our first DLR trip in June. What kind of desserts are there??? If we don’t have reserved seating, it sounds like fantasmic at DL is kinda like a mob-scene, since there is no regular seating? yikes! is this true?


Oh, okay… I think I may have seen that… I’ve generally tried to make sure I’m wherever Fantasmic ISN’T during that time! :laugh:

Snazzy- Yep, it’s a mob scene. People camp out for their spots, it becomes a traffic nightmare, it’s very hard to get around. Since I’m not a huge fan of the show (although it’s better than the WDW version, I think), I just try to stay away.


yeah, I talked to my BF about it, and he’s loving the idea of a dessert buffet, and reserved seating sounds like a bonus to avoid the chaos-I’m so there! :happy:


Do it!!! I think it’s such a great way to see Fantasmic! Not having to arrive super early to get a good spot and not having to leave when the masses are is a great benefit too. I do know that when we saw it from the balcony, they let us stay to watch the fireworks after Fantasmic!. Obviously we went to the first show…so that was pretty cool. I do have a question though…When we had the seating on the balcony, they not only had desserts, they had some little hors devours as well…nothing super fancy…but cheeses(YUM) breads and crackers, fruits and some sliced meats and the like.

Anyway, I think you should go for it as it would be a great surprise and a nice way to see it without having to worry about fighting for a good space.


FYI - the dessert buffet is no longer being done due to the Dream Suite. You can do the riverside seating, but it is not a buffet, you are given a bunch of goodies in a box. They still offer special seatings, again along the river, and they still offer drinks to you as well. I haven’t done the riverside personally, only the buffet, but we will be trying the riverside seating this May.


I’ve ONLY done the Riverside in the past. I did it in '06 with my Dad and it WAS a buffet of desserts. They did also give us a box of goodies to leave with & drinks. I think there is confusion sometimes because the buffet that used to be on the balcony actually included some food items, where Riverside was ONLY desserts. Maybe it changed since '06 but when I talked with someone from Disneyland Dining last week she indeed told me that the one down by the river was still a dessert buffet.


how much in advance do I have to book this?


You have to call EXACTLY at the one month mark before the date you wish to make it. Also, it’s notorious for filling up within minutes so I would get on the line when it opens.


yikes, I will make sure to do it at the right time. Do you know the number to call and what time they open the phone lines? It’s not the same number for WDW dining, right?