Fantasmic Dinner at MM's


Sandy just emailed me and asked me what the Fantasmic Dinner package was and realized i have no idea. Someone she works with mentioned they were going to this and eating at the Brown Derby. We have a ress at Mama Melrose and figured… what the heck?

So, what is the Fantasmic show?


The Fantasmic show is the fireworks/show that is offered by MGM. It is an amazing display and one of my favorite parts of my trip. Its not just a show but it also offers fireworks, pyrotech, music and characters. It has a cool water display with projected pictures on water spray.
The dinner package is nice however you have to go in a seperate gate to get to the special seating. It is rather far from MM so time it well so you are not running last min. They are decent seats but not the best seats. They are off to the side so you have to sit as far to the left of those offered to be near the middle of the stage. We tend to sit right along the rope line that divides the reserved seats and those that others just wait for. But on a busy day you will need to get there really early for the prized seats.

I have done BD fantasmic and the MM fantasmic packages. I found the BD to be overrated- MM was great food but the experiance as a whole was less than pleasant. Not typical Im sure though so dont let that stop you. They messed up my meal credits and we had to pay for our meal even though we were on the dining plan. I fought it later that night but it was very upsetting at the time.

Oh and there are limited seats for this so you have to ask for the package when you make your ADR


The fantasmic show is AWESOME! It’s not to be missed. It’s a combinations of all the night time disney shows on water! You have to add the package to your ADR, so be sure that you actually have the fantasmic! package. It’s priority seating for the show along with a set dinner price at either the brown derby, momma melrose or hollywood and vine. It sells out super fast as there are only so many per restaurant per day. This package allows you a special seating and you only have to check in 30minutes before show time instead of lining up hours before show time. Definately worth it…you have to eat anyway. It is DDP friendly as long as you are at MM or H&V./…BD is two credits.


So you think it’s too late to get in on this? We’ve had our ress for over a month now


Not necessarily…call right this minute however and try for it. I wouldn’t wait much longer.


Thanks… i’ll have Sandy call now


you need to make sure that you tell them that you want the fantasmic dinner package.


yes, you must say that or you will just end up with a momma ADR…lol

be prepared by having a CC number ready. You have to give it to them to secure the ADR. It’s only charged in case of a “no show” There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for this ADr.


Sandy is in meetings all day and i can’t make the call till lunch so i’m going to try then.

We already have a ress for Mama Melrose (Wednesday night i think) so hopefully we can just add the Fantasmic Package onto it. If we missed the boat, oh well, there will be a lot to do.


Do try to get it. If you can’t, it’s still not that big of a deal. You will just have to line up with the herd and wait a bit longer than if you had the pass. you could also line up at the last minute and do standing only.


We didn’t get in. Totally booked solid


aww shucks…that stinks. You can still go see fantasmic. What day are you going to MM? What time is Fantasmic that day?


Mama Melrose on monday the 17th… the gent i spoke to on the phone said the show is at 8pm. Our dinner ress is for 5:00pm so hopefully we don’t have to gulp pasta too fast to get over there in time. We still want to do it, just a little bummed we couldn’t get it as a package deal. With Sandy, it’s all about seating. If she has to stand and look over people she’s not going to be thrilled. :crying:


Take your time and eat your meal. Mosey over to Fantasmic afterward. You will have plenty of time and it shouldn’t be all that crowded…no worries.


We walked in on June 28th at 5 minutes before the show started. While there were no seats available, there is a concrete area in the back where you can stand and watch. I have to admit, I enjoyed the show just as much as when we last saw it and had seats. Don’t let a 30 minute stand scare you off. You will still be able to see the show from the very back and your Bum will not get sore from sitting on the mettle bleachers for an hour just to get a seat.


Not to mention that you won’t be sandwiched up against people in said bleachers…in the heat…and sweat rubbing next to you…no deodarant on many… standing sounds kinda nice when you think about it.:laugh:


It wasn’t bad at all. We were able to get more done since we weren’t waiting in the amphitheatre. We could see the large boats on the water, but to be honest, we could barely make out the canoes. Everything that happened on stage was clear. We went in knowing they had added a 10:30 show and if we did not want to watch after we saw where we would be standing we could just come back later that night.

On a side note. The day we were there, they only were going to do a 9pm show. Most of the CMs we asked did not know about the 10:30 show until almost 9pm. If the park is really crowded, they can add a show.


We were there on 6/20 and had previously decided not to do the ADR for the reserved seats. The park was pretty busy and there was a second show at 10:30 but I was surprised that we did not have to wait in a line. Maybe it was just timing and luck on our part but we walked right in and the remaining third of the seats were still open. It was about 45 minutes before showtime and it did fill up completely to standing room only. I’d say don’t worry about it and you’ll be fine.

Also, I learned that you can rent space (such as for a small group) to watch it with tables, drinks, snacks, etc. I wasn’t aware of that until this trip when I went to get some refreshments, I noticed a sectioned area at the back with some candle lit tables. I went over and asked the CM working the area about it. I would think about it if I had enough members going at the same time. I think it would be too expensive for just a family of four.


Does anyone have any links to information and reviews on Fantasmic? Sandy is asking me to find her more info on it.



Not sure if we have reviews on that or not, but try our rate and review forum. IT’s an awesome show. Tell her it’s like spectro magic, wishes and illuminations all rolled into one…and on water…ohhhh ahhhhh