Fantasmic Dinner Package at Mama Melrose


I read this on allears…
Fantasmic Dinner Package at Mama Melrose $28.99 adult/$10.99 child (3-9) not including admission, tax, and gratuity. Your choice of one wood-fired flatbread to share from Mama’s rustic on-stage kitchen, as well as family style salad, and choice of entree. Dessert: Mama’s signature Fantasmic! Tiramisu. Adult beverages NOT included. Child’s meal includes beverage.

My questions…
Can you choose any entree or do they give you set ones?
Can you substitute a dessert… my family doesn’t like tiramisu!

If you use the dining plan does it include the adult non-alcoholic beverage here even though all ears says it isn’t included with the Fantasmic package? Not a big deal! I’ll still order my Diet Coke… just curious!


We did Mamas last year with the dining plan for Fantasmic, and I know we were able to order whatever we wanted, desert included.

This was last May when it really wasn’t yet clear that you could use the dining plan for the Fantasmic package, so things could have changed.


I suggest that you try the Hollywod and Vine buffet dinner for fantasmic instead. It is less expensive, it has a wonderful selection of entrees, salads and sides that the most picky eaters will enjoy, including kid friendly items like mac and cheese, chicken nuggets,etc. It also has a great dessert selection with a make your own sundae station. We do this for our fantasmic package every year and are never disappointed.


I’d also suggest that you switch to Hollywood and Vine.


If she’s on the dining plan the difference in expense doesn’t matter. We weren’t too impressed with H&V when we went in Oct 2004 and likely will not go back. However, we also weren’t overly excited about Fantasmic! We are however doing the package again in the fall (going with LOTS of family who haven’t seen Fantasmic! before) and we’re also on the dining plan. We’re going to try Mama Melrose’s this time.

Sorry, I can’t answer your questions, dab! You’ll get to try it before me – but I did want to give my take on switching to H&V.


163 days- that’s September or October, right? I think I’d just eat wherever I want and not bother with the package. Of course, I’m not a huge Fantasmic fan and can take it or leave it, but if you want to take it, I don’t think seating will be impossible then.


We have done the Fantasmic package twice a MM.
You can order any entree that is on the menu.
Dessert- Kids could order ice cream, I remember having some sort of cheesecake.
We did not do the dining plan so we paid for our Diet Cokes!
I like MM much better tha H&V.


It’s September – don’t count on being able to walk in anywhere with the free dining promotion going on. Whether or not you do the Fantasmic! dinner package - get an ADR for somewhere!


To answer your question, yes you can get a different dessert. I got their cheescake and it was pretty good. We tried H &V on our last trip, and we will be returning to MM this trip because we like it much better! I guess I am in the minority here, but Fantasmic is my family’s favorite night time show. It is a must see at least once each trip.


This is our 3rd Sept. trip. We LOVE Fantasmic and like getting the dinner package becasue we’ve seen it enough times that the seating area isn’t a big deal to us. We like that we can enter 30 min. before the show and still have a good seat… not fond of waiting on hard concrete seats! As for the dinner, we’ve only eaten at H&V. We do like the buffet there but are wanting to try something different. We’re getting free dining so it’s a good opportunity. If we don’t care for MM then it won’t be so bad since we’re not really paying for the meal. I was just curious abou the flexibility of the dinner package menu there. The reviews are very mixed at MM but I think we’ll give it a chance! We’ve made all of our PS’s for each of our 7 nights so we should be all set.


Each person on the package has to order an entree. They have a special menu to choose from. I had the chicken parm and it was very good. They have substitue desserts. I had cheese cake and it was YUM! You can use it with the Fantasmic package. Many DCers have sucessfully done this. Yes, it does include nonalcoholic drinks to the best of my knowledge. I love this restaurant. IT’s one of my WDW favorites believe it or not. I hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as I do.


our family will make a fantasmic dinner package in Mama Melrose this year.:mickey:


Okay Now I am going to play dumby… what is a Fantasmic Dinner Package?


Dee, you can read details about it here:

Basically, you choose from 3 restaurants (Hollywood & Vine, Mama Melrose & Hollywood Brown Derby) and at the end of your meal they give you a voucher to enter the Fantasmic ampitheater 30 minutes before the show. You enter at the front of the park… not the regular entrance to the ampitheater. There is special seating area (not in the center) set aside for dinner package guests. You are pretty much guaranteed a seat in that area without arriving super early. You can enter as early as you wish though. We like it because we enter at the latest possible time and still have good seats. FYI… On the dining plan, the dinner package counts as one TS at H&V and MM and 2 at HBD. We’ve never tried HBD but like H&V a lot. We’re going to try MM this time!


WOW! That sounds great.
Looks like I have to change my ADR for H&V to include Fantasmic.
Thank you so very much!