Fantasmic Dinner Package or Chef Mickey's?


We’ll be at DHS on Jan. 8 and we’re hoping to catch Fantasmic (it is our Anniversary) though I am wondering if it might be too scary for the 3 and 5 year old??? We have ADRs at Hollywod and Vine but I’m starting to second guess - especially since the park might not be so busy? (thoughts?)

Anyway, we’re on a budget and I keep thinking that we should really take better advantage of our food money and do Chef Mickey’s for dinner another night (can we ride the monorail to and from MK, even if we’re not staying on property?) instead of the Hollywood and Vine thing… we could eat faster/cheaper elsewhere and catch the show anyway.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!! Even suggestions for better dinner options (we’re already doing a princess breakfast so wanted something more neutral for the Mickey loving son)


Last week when we were there we enjoyed H&V better than Chef Mickey and Crystal Palace


We’ve had several youngsters in our group and none seemed to be afraid of anything in Fantasmic, in fact all of the kids have been mesmerized by it.

I’m not sure what the crowds will be like when you go, the last few times we’ve been, we’ve by[passed the H&V package and found seats easily (and didn’t wait in line either). We have used the package in earlier trips and benefitted from it. Just depends on the crowds & how many shows they have that night.
Don’t pass on Chef Mickey, your DS will enjoy the characters…where H&V doesn’t offer them for dinner. My kids, now 14yo, still want to go to Chef Mickey…in fact they’re talking about taking their friends on an upcoming HS trip in March!


Fantasmic is something that should not be missed; we were not impressed with H&V, although others love it. Your kids are at the perfect age to enjoy every aspect of Chef Mickeys. The character interaction and the dessert bar are phenomenal. If you could fit both in you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Thanks everyone! So we cancelled the H&V ADR and booked Chef Mickey’s for dinner a different day. It shouldn’t be too busy when we’re there so we’ll take our chances with seats for Fantasmic the day we’re at DHS. Best of both worlds, I guess!!! And I’m so much more excited about Chef Mickey’s than H&V!


Chef Mickey’s is definately a must do for kids that age! :happy: My DD (age 10) loves the dinner buffet there.
One question, will you be on the Disney Dining Plan???

I dont think your kids will be scared by Fantasmik and yeah that time of year you should have no problems just walking up. We’ve been there at a busy time in Dec. and walked up 5mins before show time and found seats no problem!! :happy: