Fantasmic Dinner Package or Not?


This is my first post on this site, and I am sure I will get a lot of great advice.

My family is headed to Disney in October and booked a Fantasmic Dinner Package after we were told it would cut down on the time we would have to wait in line to see the show (the show is only being played once during our stay). I called Disney Dining at my 90 day mark at 7 am and was unable to get the Mama Melrose Package and ended up with Hollywood and Vine. I do not want to use two dining credits for the Brown Derby. I have read the mixed reviews that Hollywood and Vine has received.

Should I keep the Fantasmic Dinner Package or cancel and go for the regular dinner reservation at Mama Melrose?


Well I see you have a few more posts now, but WELCOME!

I really don’t have good advice, since we are not big fans of Fantasmic. The first time we did see it, we lined up very early, (based on advice we had been given ahead of time) and made the best of the wait. But, the showings of Fantasmic were pretty much every night while we were at WDW, so we weren’t worried about missing it. Since it is only playing one night while you are there, you might want to stick with your dinner package.

Phew, that was a long and tedious answer! Sorry about that! Hopefully someone else will come along with their take on the package. :slight_smile:


Fantasmic is one of my family’s favorite attractions. My kids love to see Mickey “fight” the bad guys! I wanted to book the dinner package for our last trip, but DH was opposed, so I didn’t. It showed 2 times per night on 3 separate nights while we there, and we did not get to see it because the lines were ridiculously long! I would keep the booking. We’ve eaten at H&V before, and, although it is not my favorite restaurant, it’s okay, and at least you’ll get to see the show. I didn’t even get that last time.


Keep in mind that Mama Melrose also gets mixed reviews. (As does Hollywood and Vine).
Call again and ask about availability at Mama Melrose for the night you want, but it is probable that there is simply no availability for the night you want at the time you want. This is very likely because you were able to get reservations at the other two restaurants.

But considering that Fantasmic is only performed twice a week during October (unless they change the schedule the week before you arrive and add an extra night) I think I’d hold onto whatever dining package you can get. Either that, or eat after Fantasmic. The odds are very good that the amphitheater will be standing room only and the show is about 27 minutes long.

I’ve got the same problem with Fantasmic only being performed once while we’re there, but it’s compounded by having tickets for the Halloween party the same night!

(But I can watch my video anytime, so it’s not quite such a big loss for me)


I would keep your reservations even though the reviews are not great about Hollywood & Vine. Since they cut out alot of the Fantasmic viewings the lines will be really long even with the low crowds now. Therefore keep ypour reservations if you truly want to see it.

I also couldn’t get Mama Melrose for a December stay and didn’t want Hollywood & Vine, so I made a Mama Melrose reservations for a different night - a late DS night and hope they add a Fantasmic viewing that night.

Hope you enjoy the show and I hope the restaurant is good.


My best friend, who’s never been to WDW asked me today about that show. I told her that i’d recommed seeing it at least once, but not on her first visit to Disney and even then only if she could get the dining package at a place she really liked. Reason why? Told her that unless you’ve been there a couple of times to have gotten most things under your belt that it was not worth waiting in line for 2 hours and wasting valuable park time. So, if you want to see the show, i’d recommed keeping your ressie but only then if it’s someplace you really want. I’d hate for a bad or even mediocre meal dampen your mood for the rest of the evening, esp when having to deal with hectic crowds on top of that.


H&V is awful…sorry! We did this last year, but at least we could walk right in to Fantasmic! It was November and freezing! What cracked me up was instead of the usual spritz bottles, they were selling wool blankets! Gotta love Disney!


Do the Fantasmic Dinner Package with H&V. When we ate there the food was really good! I was also a little iffy after reading MB reviews but chose to keep the ADR and was glad I did.


We certainly must have had an off night. Never hurts to try! Have fun!


My family prefers H&V to mam’s melrose. There is something for everyone and yummy desserts. Mama’s was okay but the service was terrible, they messed up my dining credits and I had to send the kids on to do something else while I stayed an additional half hour to settle the bill. They tried to tell me I was short one credit. I say stay with H&V but if your heart is set on Mama’s call a few days before, they have cancellations all the time.


Thanks everyone! Sounds like we will take our chances with H&V and try to avoid the long wait in line!


“Good call”:heart:


I agree with most here. Keep your H&V reservations, but keep trying to get the Mama Melrose w/ Fantasimic package. We ate at H&V in Aug '08 (just DW and I), and felt it most definitely WAS NOT worth 2 TS credits! It wasn’t bad, just not any better than many 1 TS credit restaurants we had eaten at. I’ve heard the lines for Fantasmic are much longer now that the shows are not every night. Realize though, that the dinner package seats are the far two sections on the right (as you enter from the normal gate/entryway to the Fantasmic area), so they are not the “optimum” seats. We still had to get in line about 30-45 minutes before the show began at the special dinner package entry area to get decent seats.


I tried getting the package this morning… but it was ALL sold out for Dec 13 :frowning: And it was only 1 credit for TS! Should I keep trying and ask if anyone cancelled? What’s the chance of that happening??


Paul, if they took two credits per person, you got boned!
H&V is only supposed to be one credit and OOP cost is $26.99.
(That can’t be right. The All Ears menu says dinner is now $30.99)

Fantasmic Dinner Package FAQ
If they take 2 credits for H&V, they would have to take 3 credits at Brown Derby to be fair.

Hollywood and Vine Dinner - Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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