Fantasmic Dinner package


We tried to book h&V fantasmic dinner package fro 90 days out (Nov. 3). When my husband called the CM told him the latest PS was 4:20. My husband said he preferred 7:00. The CM told him that they were probably booking that early because Daylight savings time and the show will be earlier.
When I tried to book for 7:00, the CM I spoke with told me that the latest she had was 4:20, but that I should try in a month to get a later time.
Does anyone know what this is about?


I didn’t even think they started reservations for dinner until 5:00. 4:20 sounds like the last lunch reservation to me!


You aren’t going to get a time later than that. I had the same time and asked for the VERY last available seating for a January PS. Try making that a late lunch and grab a snack later. Take the PS though. It does book up[. I wouldn’t wait another month to book it. Book that PS and then maybe you can get something a bit later, but you are not going to get 7pm. They will not book Fantasmic! packages later then that. I tried. I wasn’t happy about that early of a dinner either.


When I made mine for October (only about 60 days out), they only had 4 and 4:10 left, for any day that week. I figured they only did so many reservations (less than 5?) for all times. Also bummed about the early dinner, but oh well, we’ll skip lunch!


I agree with booking now, just keep calling every now and then to try and get a better time. When I rebooked my sept trip last week (to get the AP discount) I also got to change my Fantasmic package from 5:00 to 6:00. Soooo keep calling, you never know what your going to get!! Good Luck!!


I just booked today for October 13 at Mama Melrose and 4:00 was the only option. The show starts at 7:30 that night. So for sure we skip lunch, eat slow, then hit some of the other things while most people are in line and get back for seats around 6:45. Sound like a plan?


I actually like to eat around that time sometimes. It gives me a chance to just kind of munch before & after so I can enjoy some of the junk food without eating WAAAAAY too much in a day.


The same thing happened to us when we called to book the package. They only had a 4:20 opening. I passed on it and called back a couple of weeks before the trip and they had a 7:00 opening. I wonder if they hold the later openings for some reason and then release them as it gets closer? Good luck.


We have been told by cast members that if you want a time after 5pm to call two weeks prior to your trip.

This has worked for us on four trips now. I always make a reservation for an early time (so at least we have something) then two weeks before we go we call and change it to later. I just did it last night and changed it from 4:15 to 6:45.

I do not know the reasoning why, but they do hold the later times until closer to the date of the show.



We had a reservation for 4:30 this past May. Worked out fantastic. We went to a water park for the day, went back to the hotel to get showered around 2:00 and got to MGM about 3:30, enough time for TOT and head over to dinner at H&V. After dinner, we went to Drew Carey’s Sound Show, came out and sat right down for the Stars in Motor Cars Parade, perfect seats by the way. After that, walked right in for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. We couldn’t have planned it any better. We then went to get our seats for Fantasmic.

Don’t panic, because you can still do things after dinner and before the show. Remember, you will still be sitting for a while after you get your seats for the show. You just won’t have to wait in the long line to get in.


Thanks for the info. I will continue to call periodically to get a late seat. Confused a little though about Hiner’s post (probably since I have never been to MGM). I assumed the restaurants (H&V, MM, BD) are close to the place the Fantasmic show is and after dinner you got a ticket and went right through some side door in to the show, bypassing the lines. I now realize that is not how it goes. So, I think instead that we could go at 4:20, eat dinner and get a ticket for the show, go do other things at MGM, then go to the show and use our tickets to bypass lines. Is that correct? Sorry if this is confusing. Can you tell I am a newbie?


Exactly! After you eat (& pay!!!) they give you a ticket that allows you to enter the side entrance to Fantasmic. It is located right next to the lockers at the front of the park. You still want to get to that gate like 30 minutes before the show, but you don’t have to stand in line this way. You’ll just walk in & pick your seat from the reserved section. That gives you plenty of time after dinner if you eat early to spend additional time in the park & then go see Fantasmic. Which generally for me is a good thing…if I ate a big dinner & then went & sat for Fantasmic I’d probably fall asleep!! :blush:


You got to pick your seat??? They made us slide all the way down to one end to fill in the rows. My DS was so upset, but after a lot of talking to him, he was ok. I did notice people standing at the top trying to pick a row where they would end up in the center.

H&V is off to your left about a block up after you enter the park and you will see the lockers off to the right after you enter the park. I don’t know where the other restaurants are in the park, but I am sure someone else would know.


Yeah, when we walked in there was no one “policing” the section so we just picked where we wanted to sit. It was nice. :smile:


Sounds like a plan. I’ll check back with them a few weeks before we go. DD and DS started back to school last Monday, the 9th, with 61 days to go until fall break and the trip to WDW. DS, first grader, has already told the entire class where he is going for fall break!


The reason they sometimes have later seatings, like 6:30, is because they add later seating when they have two Fantasmic shows in one night. I believe though that when there is only one showing of Fantasmic, they only offer early dinner seatings.


They only had one show when we went and we had a 7:00pm PS.


When we booked it was the same. We did the Hollywood & Vine and it worked out fine. I’m thinking that we had the first sitting. I liked not worrying about being late so it gave us plenty of time to eat and walk leisurely to the show. It was worth it. When we got there the “unreserved” seats were full. I think we had to wait about a half hour for the show to start. Don’t be the last ones in though, the “reserved” section fills up fast also.


We have a ps for H&V booked on Labor Day at 4:30. There’s only one showing that night. I hope since it’s a holiday, that the reserved section won’t fill up too soon.


We will be there on the 4th, 2 days before you!! We got H&V at 6:00. Hope its good :smile: