Fantasmic dinner packages


which restaurant at hollywood studios has the dinner or lunch package with reserved seating for fantasmic? :mickey:


Mama Melrose (1TS), Hollywood & Vine (1TS Buffet) and Brown Derby (2TS)


We did the Brown Derby this summer. It was a 9 crowd day. I have to honestly say the food was great, but the dinner package was not a necessity. We got our right side seating, but man people filed in for an hour close to show time. There were still seats available til right before show time. While we absolutely loved the show, not so sure the dinner package is necessary, nor am I sure the 2 hours before show time is necessary. Maybe with a 10 level crowd, but not when we saw it. Plus, even though the right side is a good view, it isn’t center stage.


This is a good point. Pete and I have done the dinner package many times when it was just the 2 of us, and we probably didn’t need to. However, if you have a large group of people and you all want to sit together, it might make sense to do the dinner package. Done Hollywood & Vine many times, which is a nice buffet. Brown Derby is very nice, but pricey. And after all these years, we still haven’t tried Mama Melrose’s!