Fantasmic Dinning Package (seating for show)


Is it true that you do not have to sit in the reserved seating area that comes w/ the dinning package, if you find a better seat somewhere else (like more in the middle of the theater)?


I cant see why you couldnt move if you see a closer seat to the middle, front etc. I know when DH and I did this I was a little upset cause I thought that since we had the package we would get seats in middle/center etc but we didnt. We were all the way at the top in the corner and everyone else who waited in line was allready seated before us.


The only reserved section is on the far right of the theater and you have to sit there if you go in early (as opposed to waiting in the standby line). But, if after everyone in the standby line comes in and you see better seats, I’m pretty sure you can move.


I’m sure you could get up and wander over if you want to.

But I think the best reason to sit in the reserved section is that you’re the first ones to get OUT!!


Really? :happy: :happy: I didn’t know that!


Agreed! The “traffic” does get a little out of control upon leaving. :eek:


Of course some of us are actually part of hte show …


We have done the dining package several times and have had no problems with the seats. We did go in 2006 at Christmas time and waited in line and ended up seating in the front. I do prefer the assigned seats. We were too close to absorb all of the beauty of this show and we got very wet from the water effects.


I thought everyone did a mass exit from the same place? Are the reserved seats closest to the exit they use for everyone? That’d be awesome.


Yes it is closer to the exit :slight_smile:


I just talked to my best friend who is in WDW right now. She did the Fantasmic experience last night at Mama Melrose and loved it. She said the “reserved” area in the theater isn’t marked or anything and that everyone just goes wherever they want to sit. Not sure if she just didn’t see the reserved area or if it truly isn’t marked. Anyway, hope that helps!


You go in a different entrance for the reserved seating and if you walk in the regular entrance there is a section that is roped off for the reserved seating. A CM stands there and lets guests with a pass in and out. At a certain time they open the rope and then anyone can fill in any extra seats in that section.


When we did the Fantasmic dinner pkg last week we entered and exited thru a different enterance than everyone else. We came in and exited thru the gas station enterance. The seats were on the right side and I thought we had a good view of the show and was happy with the seats. The nice thing about the dinner pkg seats is that you don’t have to be there as early as everyone else to ensure you get a seat. Also show projects in 3 different spots so everyone can see it…the middle, right and left, and the boats go past all areas of the stage to so everyone gets a chance to see them. HTH.


That’s what I thought. I think she either didn’t see the area or wasn’t directed very well. She said the CM’s just let them in and go wherever with no direction. She ended up choosing to sit toward the right anyway so they could exit quicker though.


Thanks for the info. We are doing the package when we go on our trip.