Fantasmic Everyday Now?


Rumor is Fantasmic is now going to be everyday at least until September 30? Any truth to this rumor?

If so…cool…now I don’t have to feel “rushed” to get it in for our upcoming trip :happy:


where did you hear this? per the disney website, it is still just on select nights…

i sure hope your rumor is true…


It ran everyday while we were there the week before Memorial Day.


[QUOTE=chris24;1079845]where did you hear this? per the disney website, it is still just on select nights…

i sure hope your rumor is true…[/QUOTE]

This is where I saw the info…

Fantasmic added nightly through atleast September 30th - Page 2 - WDWMAGIC.COM Forums


this would make it easier to get there. as it is now the only night is is showing is the night be get there…


I heard this rumor at work too…


Ok so I couldn’t resist. I just headed over to the Disney site and checked out the H.S calendar for August and guess what? Fantasmic every night at 8:30!!! WooHoo!!!


I was there last August and it was only on select nights…we didn’t get to see it.


Wow! Maybe I could cancel my Fantasmic dining ressie for August. The crowds shouldn’t be as bad if it’s offered every night, right???


yayy! i hopefully i’ll get a chance on my next trip to see fantasmic! haven’t seen in a few years since the selected nights happened.


Wow this is such good news!
I just hope they keep it up as I don’t think we’ll be going for at least a year… last time we were there in Sep 2010 we had to queue for about 40 mins to get into Fantasmic! and I’ve never seen it so packed out in there!


We haven’t seen this in a long time…maybe if it’s played more often it won’t be so dang stuffed to the gills with people! I may actually go…


Yess hopefully not!
We were packed in like sardines when we went last time!
Brilliant show though… my favourite nighttime show of the WDW parks! :slight_smile:


We went to Fantasmic the very first year it began, and shamefully although we enjoyed it very much we have never gone again- maybe next trip it will be re-instated!


So maybe they have opened Fantasmic! dining package reservations for all of the nights that the shows have been added. The selection of times to eat at Mama Melrose was very limited when I booked at 180 days, but it was only available a few times a week. I’d better check this out…


This is amazingly good news. We always seem to struggle to fit this great show in with the limited schedule! Woooo Hooooo!! :laugh: