Fantasmic in September


I’m hoping to go to WDW in late September (around the 26th) and Fantasmic is only playing one night. It’s the night I really want to go to California Grill for my birthday, and I know it would be difficult but I’d love to go after and EARLY dinner. I know it’s usually best to get there very early, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t have to be as early for lower September crowds. Anyone know from personal experience?


Unforunately because Fantasmic! is only being show on select nights, it tends to pack em in. I would go to dinner after the show so you can get a seat and have a nice meal without rushing. If you are going to spend the money on that great restaurant, it would be nice to enjoy it. Have a late lunch that day and just make your ADR for after the show. I would suggest grabbing a cab if possible to the Contemporary Resort.


That sounds like a great idea! I’m just curious at about what time I should make it for. I looked up in the unofficial guide that they serve till ten, but what time will the restaurant make us leave? sorry I’m new to all the ADR’s, in previous trips my Dad handled them all.


I would either skip Fantasmic or pick a different night to go to California Grill. Trying to do both doesn’t sound fun to me. If Fantasmic starts at 9 I don’t see you getting to California Grill before 10 pm, then you still have a 90 minute dinner. I would be too tired to truly enjoy it by that time and this is a dinner you really want to enjoy.


If you’re going to eat at California Grill AND see Fantasmic on the same night, I would suggest doing it on a night where Fantasmic is performed at 7:30 or 8 and eat afterward. In September, when the sun doesn’t set until 7:30, it is more usual for 8:30 showtimes. The show is a half hour long and your best case scenario for getting to the Contemporary is about 45 minutes after the show ends. In that case, you’d be best eating when CG opens, at 5:30. But you’ll still be cutting things close and risk not even getting standing room for Fantasmic.
You will also need to keep in mind how you will be returning to your own resort after dinner, because unless MK buses are still running, you’re going to have to transfer through DTD, hire a taxi, or drive your own car.
And if your reservation is anywhere around MK’s fireworks time, be prepared to not be seated until long after your reservation.
One night we had 9:30 reservations and fireworks were at 10. We, and many others, did not get seated until 20-25 minutes after Wishes because so many selfish diners refuse to give up their tables despite being long finished with their meals. Waiting guests were stacked up so badly that there were a good 20 guests sitting on the floor at one point because the waiting areas and bar were packed and there was nowhere else for us to sit.
Anyway, we didn’t finish our meal until about 12:15, by which time the MK buses had stopped running, even though I had originally planned plenty of time to eat and catch a bus at MK. But the 50 minute delay in getting seated killed us.
A meal at CG is not a quick thing, same as the other signature restaurants, so that too should be planned accordingly.
I’m almost certain that I’ve never tried eating dinner at any monorail resort on the same night as we’re seeing Fantasmic in September.


We did Fantasmic last year end of sept’ it was packed. why not do cal’ Grill another night. you could do brown derby instead! or do cel’ grill late after Fantasmic.

hope it works out for you


Id suggest doing them on seperate nights so you could really enjoy both of them without any worry, stress or rushing around the world!