Fantasmic package in January?


When we go to WDW in the summer, we always get the fantasmic dinner package to get reserved seating for the show. Is it necessary to do this in January or are the crowds light enough that we will get seats without having to wait a long time?


I have done the Fantasmic package in January and to be honest, it wasn’t necessary. There is NO crowds and you can easily walk in at the last minute and still grab a great seat.


If you are going to eat at a sit down in the park I would do it just in case! Then if when you get there, there are more central seats and no line you could always more seat!


I have the Fantasmic! package for January and even though the crowds are going to be light I feel better for having made the ADR. The show is so popular that even in January it could possibly be crowded.


If you were planning on eating a sit down dinner in the park anyway, why not go for it? Otherwise, if you don’t usually spend that much on dinner, I think you could skip it in January too.


I’ve been to the show in July once, and early February twice. All three times is was SRO, packed to the rafters. I’d take the package.


I have the package for in January just in case because last year in February it was so packed I didn’t get to see the show and I really want to see it. Last year was my first visit to disney ever.