Fantasmic Package is already sold out for 9/18


Oops. I meant 9/18. I just called to book our Fantasmic package at Hollywood & Vine since the dates are still not up online and was told that they are all booked. Does that seem possible? I booked our dining ressie without the package attached just to make sure that we can eat, but will try back when the dates come up online and see if there was just some kind of error. Bummer…


It seems probable.
It is also more likely that they aren’t making packages available until they have released the basic show schedule for September because Fantasmic hasn’t been presented nightly for nearly two years now. It’s very likely that they do not perform on Tuesdays.


Yikes. I put the wrong date in again. I meant 9/18. I think I need to take a break from trying to plan this trip (163 days in advance LOL). The calendar says that they are doing Fantasmic on the 18th, but that there are no more available Fantasmic tickets at any of the restaurants who participate. I’m still going to try again later in the month. It’s worth a shot :happy:


Have you spoken with CMs or are you getting locked out while trying to reserve on line?
Maybe there’s an explanation that a human can give you.


Edited title for you and put the right date in there.:heart:


Thanks Dana!

Soundgod, I talked to a CM, but am going to call back when the dates are out for September, just in case there was some error. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


I’d say it’s very possible if you are 163 days out that there is no availability. We’re going with some friends in August. I booked the Fantasmic package 183 days out (b/c we’re staying on property and it was 180 days from check-in) at Mama Melrose. Our friends couldn’t call until the next day since they are checking in the day after us, and by the next morning she could only get Hollywood & Vine. I’m guessing that by the next morning, there may have been nothing at all available under the package! Keep trying and hopefully you’ll be able to get something. This is one that you have to book with a credit card, and it must be canceled in advance to avoid getting charged, so it’s probably worth it to check even 48 or 24 hrs. before the day you want in hopes of a last minute cancellation. Good luck!


It’s very possible. The Fantasmic package is always one of the first things I book when our 180 day window opens because it books fast. Even calling 180 days out this year, I couldn’t get the time I wanted. Continue trying and I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up getting something. I’ve been checking online to try and get the time I want, and there are new times up almost every day because of people canceling.


We tried last night and all of September is booked … :eek:


Sigh. I feel your pain.:crying: I’m going to keep checking every day, WALL. Persistence sometimes pays.


I just realized that our family is going to miss yours by only 3 days. I’m bummed. Would have loved to meet you all!


LOL! I kept wondering why you were saying you put the wrong date when it was the right date!
I have NOT had enough coffee to deal with that trickery this am…:laugh:


Any idea when the packages are going to be available for the new dates just released? I called yesterday, and they weren’t available for booking yet. :blink:


I’d like to know this, too. We currently have it booked for August, but I might want to change the day now that we have the flexibility to go there any day of the week. I tried online booking and only the original dates were showing.


I dont know whats going on I tried to book fantasmic dinner package for the last five months with no avalibility. Then yesterday July 27th 2011 I booked it for 8 people and had a choice of two resturants too !! Got my booking online so time to try again if you need tickets!


That’s because other people make reservations as soon as possible and then cancel when plans don’t coincide with reality.:laugh:


Also, most people made those ADR’s back when Fantasmic was only scheduled for a few evenings each week. Now that it is being shown every night in Aug., I’ve noticed a lot more availability for our dates. I just booked a Fastasmic dining for my parents last night, and I had my choice of times and restaurants! One interesting thing, though, is that when booking with the online system, you can still only book for the original showing dates. I’m not sure about calling to book it for other days b/c I didn’t try that.


I would agree with everyone in the fact you should stay persistent. We found it fully booked up til about 4 weeks before we went this year. Then, we lucked out. After that, i was able to move it around once because I found a better dinner time. As you get closer, it will certainly open up for the same reason SG said. People will balance their “wishes against reality”.


Related to this, in 2004 I really wanted to stay at the Contemporary in October (during the golf tournament) and was unable to get a reservation, so I fell back on the Poly and kept checking. About a week before we were going, rooms opened up at the Contemporary, so I was able to switch.
And again, people make extra dining reservations and cancel at the last minute, so things can be fluid even the day of.