Fantasmic package worth it?


Hi ok we are going to WDW in Dec. 2008 and we are considering Hollywood and vine fantasmic dinner, first not excited about menu and second do we really need it the week before Christmas to get seats for fantasmic? And on another note is Liberty Tree Tavern a good meal? Thank You in advance:wub: Michelle


The early shows will be full and probably they will have closed the gate to more guests a half hour before showtime. The late shows should be better.
If you want to be sure to have a seat, I’d do the package. The food at H&V is OK, I just don’t care for the characters. Some people prefer Mama Melrose and Italian food over the buffet. There is Brown Derby, but it will cost more than the other two.

Don’t ask me about LTT, it’s way down on my to do list.


I think LTTis a good meal.Food is good,I like that it is served family style and not a buffet.Character interaction is great.
We do fantasmic dinner package at Mamma Melrose(who dosen’t like italian)


It depends on a couple of things. First off, if you don’t mind waiting in line for 90 minutes and want really good seats, then the dinner package isn’t for you. The dinner package seats aren’t the best as they are off to the side. Secondly, Fantasmic is always filled to capacity. If you don’t like to wait in line and don’t have to have the best seat, then the dinner package is for you.


I like the certainty of having the reservation during busy periods. The meal is decent, typical Disney buffet. However, its laid back and not so uptight as some.


> My wife.


We thought it was worth it when we did the Fantasmic package. We ate at Hollywood and Vine and the food was good and I didn’t think the seats were that bad. We could see everything. We also enjoyed eating at Liberty Tree Tavern. The food is good and the character interaction is great!


We did mamma melrose last year and for Italian, we did not like it (and we love Italian)

I’m doing Hollywood & Vine this year, just to guarantee a seat, even though we’re going in September.

Liberty Tavern, went last year and loved it. It’s on our list again for Sept.

The characters are great, come around several times, and the food actually reminds you of a homemade dinner.


We enjoyed the meal at H&V mostly for the selections. As for the Fantasmic show… :whistling We are glad we did it. Once. Maybe it was the chilly weather, the blowing water spray into the crowd, who knows…

Dinner at LTT falls into the OK catergory. It is essentially Stauffer’s food heated to perfection. At least that is our take. We enjoy the characters and the atmosphere, but it falls well down our list based on the food.

As always - your mileage may vary. :pirate:


I think it’s a good idea to do the Fantasmic package the week before christmas…I think it’sa good time all year, but that’s cause I can’t stand to wait and love that I can just walk up 30minutes before show time and know I can pick a seat in the special section.

I don’t care for hollywood and vine at all and always go to momma’s with my package.


I really like the H&V buffet. It has a wide variety of food for both adults and kids. Even picky eaters like my DH and DD find something they like. The dessert selection is great, including make your own sundaes. We did Mama Melrose in December and was kind of disappointed. The food was just okay , the waitress disappeared and didn’t return and then they screwed up the bill and tried to tell me we were out of dining credits when we weren’t. It took about a half an hour to straighten it out. I like LTT a lot but my kids don’t really like it that much. I think it is because we usually go in August and no one really wants that belly bustin’ Thanksgiving type heavy meal in the heat.


Thanks so much! I would like to go to Mamas also, but have to convince 11 other people lol! I think it is worth it not to wait in a 90 min line so thanks for advice!


we have the Fantasmic package booked for Sept. with MM’s. I forgot to ask them though. My mom will have an ECV, how will this affect her seating? Can she still sit in the reserved section? Also, do you think if we sit as close to the right/middle(looking at the stage) as possible we will have good seats?

Thanks in advance.


Any other time of year,I’d say it isn’t worth it(the package),but since you’re going at the busiest time of year,get the package.

I love LTT!! The characters and the food are great.


It’s worth it. Look for a dinner package in your range.


We were in the reserved seating last year, towards the back. Reserved seating is the right side. We were right at the rope dividing the two sections. EVC’s were in the back row. I feel we had a great seat! I could see the show just fine, and because we were towards the back, we were one of the first ones to exit.


Book it and tell them where you are going after…:ph34r:


If it’s 11 people, just stick to H&V. After all, it is a buffet, so there will be enough selection for everyone.

If any guest in your group is handicapped, most, if not all, will be seated in the reserved handicapped seats that are at tops of all of the seating sections including the dinner package reserved section, so ECVs and wheelchairs can simply roll up and park.
The seats are off to the right side of the amphitheater, from about 3/4 from the center to the wall. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as some of the most important action takes place right in front of you. The dragon is on that side, as is the stone Mickey pulls Excalibur from, as well as where the steamboat with all the characters on it enters as the characters all emerge on deck, right in front of you. There are three water projection screens, the third one almost right in front of you as well.


Thanks so much for your input. I was considering the benefits of sitting in the back and exiting first.


Thanks Soundgod, I am confident that we will really enjoy our seats.