Fantasmic Package


What is everyones opinions on the Fantasmic dinner package? Is it worth doing? I just learned while reading another thread that the dinner package at the Brown Derby costs 2 service meal points (which they didnt tell me when I made the reservation). So now, I am 4 points over, since we are also doing the HDH. Just wondering if this is worth paying extra for… since it means we will have to pay for one of our other full service meals. I hope that makes sense. Thanks!


Call back, tell them you were misquoted (not told about the 2pts) and you want to switch to Mama Melrose with the Fantasmic Package . . . we just did this in JULY and it’s the ONLY way to do it!! (my opinion) Waiting two hours in line to see the show is not worth it . . . we had a fantastic meal at MM and then were given “priority seating” to see the show . . . I don’t see why they couldn’t switch you since you already have tickets reserved in your name . . . I would call dining and find out your options!! :mellow:


We always do the FDP and then walk right into great seats for the show. It’s just our personal preference tho. Sometimes you have to dine a little earlier than you’d normally would, but it works wonderfully for our family.


We had it twice. 1st with the Brown Derby and 2nd with Hollywood and the vine. I think its worth it.


we didn’t do the package last october and had no problems getting a good spot at all. not sure if it’s worth it, but i wouldn’t do it for a 2 TS - maybe one of the 1 TS is better?


This is the second thread like this today.
Look at your other choices. If one of them is a character buffet, especially breakfast, pay that one out of pocket. Mama Melrose or Hollywood and Vine would be OK, though I don’t at all care for Mama’s menu. And I know I just suggested you pay for a character breakfast out of pocket, H&V for dinner isn’t much more expensive, but you can play that by ear. The important thing is that the package guarantees you a seat with a decent view and not the same wait.


Just an FYI, when we were there in July we were told it was an “all NEW” menu . . . not sure the last time you went? :blush:


I’m looking at a menu dated April 2007 on All Ears. I’ve never gone, because I’ve never liked their menu over the years. And now, to be honest, since they rolled out the MYW with dining packages, they’ve been streamlining all of the menus in all of the restaurants, so there are choices and less variety.


We’ve done the Fantasmic package twice (once at Mama’s & once at H&V) and we thought it was worth it. We have small children, so being able to walk into the show 10 min. before the start was WONDERFUL. Even waiting a half hour with a toddler can be a nightmare. So, I guess it depends on your personal situation. I don’t think I’d give up the 2 TS at HBD, though. Try to get your ADR switched to MM or H&V.


I agree 100%. The Brown Derby is worth the extra points and than some. MM is also very good. Brown Derby is a must do…



I think a lot of the decision has to do with when you’re going. When we’re there during off peak times (usually Sept and Dec) we never get the package, since we like to eat at 50’s Prime Time. The wait to get into the show during those seasons was never anything to worry about. I have done the package at Hollywood and Vine, but I don’t like the package restaurants as much.


I book the package every year. I always go to Momma’s melrose any way, so booking the fantasmic package just makes sense. If for some reason we skip fantasmic, I just give my passes to a passer-by…lol It’s totally worth it to me. If you are going to WDW in a slow period, the package isn’t really necessary. It’s still nice to be able to walk up a half hour till showtime and just have a seat without waiting however, so it’s still something to consider.


I reccomend switching to Mama Melrose’s the food is good there and then the special seating area is nice have. I hated wasted time standing in line a couple years ago, before i knew the secrets.


Brown Derby is one of our favorites in all of WDW. But, we most recently did H&V for Fantasmic! package, and we loved the food. The kids had a great time, and it was very convenient to have the buffet service. The salads and meats are especially terrific.

Going into the show through the back was a rush, and we got seats so close that we were wet at the end of the night…

Mama’s is terrific food, also, so if you end up there, you will have a delicious night also.


Lots of good info!!


The only time we did the package, the reserved seats were off to the right-hand side (if you’re facing the “stage”).

When we got there, there was so much open space in the center, we just moved over there.


That is a rarity! Usually the center areas fill up pretty nicely. Was this a second show on a two show night perhaps?
Here’s a tip about the preferred seating area. Mickey pulls the sword from the stone and battles the dragon almost in front of you, unless you’re alllllll the way over to the right and against the wall.


Thanks for the opinions! I think we will just stick with the the Derby and package. I never really hear anyone say anything about the food at HBD… so its nice to hear some good reviews. Thanks!