Fantasmic proposal


hey guys i just found out this is her fav show at disney does any one have any ideas on how to make it super magical thanks guys hope to here from u


Oh, how fantasmic!!! Need to give it some thought, but you should definitely pair it with dinner at one of the restaurants at mgm that allow you to walk right in to the show and not wait in line.

There is a long walk in on the back side of the show. . .wondering if something could be arranged on the walk up.


It too is my favorite show. Definitely if possible try to do the dinner/show experience if possible. Or better yet, when you come, message me for my contact information. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to enhance fellow M’Buzzers experience at WDW when they finally meet me :wink:


hey guys u kno any one to call to help set up something at fantasmic


Does this include me??? I will be at DW Nov 13-19, MVMCP on Tuesday Nov. 17


That includes you :biggrin:

I sure do. Me! :laugh: It depends on what you were wanting to set up. Let me know.


Oh I am so envious!!!:laugh:


we need video!


Oooo I can imagine that to be something very very special! I’ve never seen a proposal at Fantasmic so it would definatly be an exciting sight!


rowdyraider what do u think is possible for not to much money thanks for all the ideas


Check your private message and we’ll talk buddy.


when are you going to DW


Not to jack this thread . . . but what are you doing this weekend? :ph34r: We’re coming to town for DD’s 10 and Mom’s 65th (born on the same day, the 7th) Maybe we’ll get to meet? :ph34r:


I’ve never seen one at Fantasmic, but I saw one in front of the castle. It was awesome!! :heart:


This weekend I’m at Street Party on Thursday and Friday. Thanks to an overnight rehearsal for Castle-Lighting show on Friday night the only thing I’m scheduled on the 7th is CDCT, and I’m scheduled to help Goofy. If they’ll allow me to pick up Street Party on that day I will, but chances are they won’t due to their pickiness on giving hours these days.


CDCT? I’m stumped! :blink:


Celebrate Dreams Come True (Parade)…am I right?


You got it. Also known as: Day parade, 3:00pm parade, Magic Kingdom Parade, and “Oh my gosh it’s so hot can we please do a heat show” parade.


:laugh::laugh::laugh: Yep! Hit me like a ton of bricks! We were eating dinner and I’m like OH, riiiiight!! :laugh::laugh: My DDs were looking at me like I was crazy!! :happy: (Thanks!)

So we should look for Goofy then? Shake his hand, give him a high five? Or is he on a float?



So we should look for Goofy then? Shake his hand, give him a high five? Or is he on a float?[/QUOTE]

Goofy rides the float, but at both of the show stops he gets off the float with Donald for the show stop. The first one the float stops at the bottom of Main Street in Town Square. Recommend being at the Emporium.

The 2nd stop for the float is in Liberty Square by the bridge. Recommend standing outside the Christmas shop.

That’s how you’d get Goofy.