Fantasmic Question


Has the Steamboat ending been returned to Fantasmic. Thanks


I didn’t know it ever left the ending. That’s what it’s always been.


I have only been twice, but it was there both times. We went in 2003 and 2006.


The boat was under rehab and the ending of the show was changed.


The steamboat was a part of Fantasmic in March.


Curious, why is it you ask? Was it mentioned somewhere about being removed? I am not sure I ever remeber not seeing it. Who knows now with all the major Rehabs and New Venues at MGM. Or is that Pixar Studios now?


It was there a week ago


It was a part of the show in January


It was there when I went last December but a could of changed by then.


Sounds like its back! Like others I didn’t know it ever left. It was probably a quick rehab like a fresh coat of paint then back in action.


It was there July 17, when we saw the show. The SHOW itself had changed a bit from when I had last seen it in '04, but the boat with Steam Boat Willie at the helm was still there!! :mickey:


The boat had returned by October of last year. I think it was only down for a month or so during the summer.


I noticed only some very subtle differences during the Pocahontas segment, mostly due probably to actor change for the costumed villain and in the jungle animals/Lion King section. Everything else was pretty much the same in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.