Fantasmic update


I went to Disneyland yesterday and one the main things we wanted to do is see Fantasmic. Now, there was only supposed to be minor changes to the show and there was, I just wasn’t expecting so much. There is a new flower segment when Kaa (The snake) comes out. The rafts carrying the couples are decorated more. The lighting in the background has more to see. The lights on costumes are much brighter. And Murphy did great!!! There is a few more things, but come take a look for yourselves. :slight_smile:


We will be there next week. This is also on our to do list. We have missed it the last couple of times we have been there due to the river closing. We are really hoping they have some soft openings of WOC. We will be leaving the night before the official opening.


Bummer. WOC should be a great show, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon, so maybe the next time you visit. I am still debating on whether or not I should go on opening day, it will probably really packed!!!


We will be back in Sept so we are not to concerned. We will let them get all the kinks out and see it in all its glory. I am just hoping it lives up to the hype.


Yea, I am sure there will be a few problem here and there the fist couple of months. I am definitely going now. I will post if it did live up to the hype or not. I won’t reveil anything though, just so people can experience them for themselves. It will also depend on other’s opinion too I suppose.


Well, we went and signed up for a dining package for World of Color. It remains to be seen whether or not we’ll actually use it- but we thought we’d cover all the bases!


Can you tell me more about the “dining package” that you signed up for. What is the phone # to call, and what is the name of the resteraunt, etc…

Thanks!! Sounds like something we would like to book for our August trip.


Eeeek… um… just call the Disney Dining line for Disneyland… (my dad is in charge of reservations- he’s the trip mastermind this go-round!)

As for the package itself, you make a reservation at either the Trattoria or Ariel’s Grotto (and I think it’s ridiculously overpriced- we’re doing this because this is a special, Daddy-sponsored, blow-out kind of trip). Around $40 per person.

The weird thing about this is that different people seem to be getting a lot of different stories depending on the day you call, and the CM you talk to. I’ve been following the discussion on MiceChat. Some people hear a situation about “meals between thus and thus time are for this show, for these times, the other show”, like they do for the Candlelight Processional at WDW. What we got was “What show do you want tickets for?” after we made our 6:30pm reservation. We wanted the 9pm, because we all turn into pumpkins very early these days.

Some people hear that you should make your reservation early in the reservation window, because they’re not guaranteeing you they’ll have enough tickets for all the people getting the package. Ummm, what? I don’t think that’s possible… because really… imagine THAT customer-relations nightmare. I suspect that part is confusion over “buying the package doesn’t guarantee you’ll see the show”… kind of like with the WDW Fantasmic package- you can’t show up 5 minutes before it starts and expect to have your premium seating.

And for World of Color they’re calling it “seating” now… although at this point, there doesn’t appear to be a seat anywhere on Paradise Pier.

So for us, it’s a lot of “wait and see”. You don’t have to pre-purchase, so we made the reservation just in case. It may be that getting a Fastpass for the show early in the day will be enough. It may be that the “premium” viewing for the show isn’t necessarily in the place where you’d want to watch the show. Fortunately we’ve got a couple of weeks to hear what people have to say before we’re at Disneyland- and you’ve got a couple of months.


Thank you for the info Andrea! I’m going to check it out!