Fantasmic Video


I’ve seen the Disneyland Version of fantamic live countless times, But I’ve always wondered what the WDW version is like, I hear it’s in a theater of some sort? Is it outside still? Well, anyways, a link to a movie of WDW’s fantasmic would be awsome! Thanks in advance!


The WDW version is in an outside amphitheatre. That is why it is cancelled if there is rain. During those nasty hurricanes, it was cancelled for about a week each time while they drained the theatre and got the river around the stage back into shape.

I don’t know where there is a link to view it. I have tried to find one, because I would love to see it between trips, because I just love it. I know it is different than DL’s.


It’s outdoors, in its own HUUUUUUGE ampitheater. :smile: Makes for a lot more comfortable seating than DL’s version! The show is almost exactly the same, except for the Peter Pan stunt scene (in Disneyland) is replaced by a Pocahontas stunt scene in WDW.

Sorry…don’t have access to a video! :noo: But hopefully I gave you a little more idea what it’s like.

EDIT: Whoops, must’ve posted at the same time as lawwin…probably sounded pretty redundant. :blush: