I guess I am probably the only one out there who has not seen Fantasmic, so I have a few questions. First how long does the show last? Second has anyone ever done the Dessert Buffet with prefferred seating and was it worth the extra money? Any info would be appreciatted.


I think the show is 25 mins? Correct me if I’m wrong. I have never done the preffered seating/dessert bufft but I have heard (on DC) that it is well worth it. If I go in Dec. I will for sure do it!


Fantasmic is one the coolest shows! Princess Tessa is right, I timed it last time I was there, it’s about 20 to 25 minutes long. I havn’t watched the show from the prefered seating balcony thing, but I have been on the balcony, there’s a great view of rivers of america.


I wish that WDW would have the dessert buffet like DL has, although I like the Dinner, sometimes just a dessert is nice, esp. for those really late shows like 10:30 pm during the summer extended hours. The show is approximately 30 action packed minutes long. I love it and bought the cd to listen to to fill-in the pdd moments between trips. It’s incredible too and sounds excellent on my stereo.


It seems to get longer every year! They keep adding more to it. When it first started, it was only 15 minutes or so. The next year, they added more, and every year, more and more.

My favorite is the dancing monkeys of course. :biggrin:

I think the dessert buffet is worth it to do at least just once. Keep in mind that if you get there early and get seats on the water’s edge, you’re going to get wet.

We usually walk up right when it starts, and try to get a good view from somewhere in the back.


you’re NOT the only one who hasn’t seen it…I haven’t either…on our last visit we drove from Vegas…and had to get back to our family reunion…But I can’t wait to see it in May! …so EXCITED!


its AWESOME!!! nothing beats it!!!

the only thing i dont like is getting misted by the water from that place…YUCK!!! hehe, i just think its really gross!!!


where do you go to reserve the preferred seating/dessert thing?


I think you reserve for the dessert seating at City Hall, but I have heard the CM’s in the Gallery call and make reservations for people too. I haven’t done it, but last year I saw the desserts as they were setting up the balcony and OH MY GOSH did they look awesome!


Hm… dessert buffet, that would rock in WDW…

dancing monkeys?? :huh:

doesn’t remember dancing monkeys

wonders what those crazy californians are doing with dancing monkeys…




I have read that you can reserve it just like you do priority seating at the restaurants, up to 30 days in advance. The number for reservations is listed on the disneyland website.


Doesn’t the Florida version have the Jungle sequence? With the river rafts, the torches, the giant snake, the fog, the monkeys etc. It’s a really cool sequence in the CA version!

starts dancing around like a fantasmic monkey



Yea, I like the jungle part…its really unique and fun. Im not sure if WDW has that or not, its been a while since Ive seen the WDW version of Fantasmic! So I dont really remember.


I found a video on VisionsFantastic. It’s a highlight video, but is still 10 minutes long. The dancing monkeys appear at 2:30 along in the video

We didn’t go see Fantasmic while we were in WDW. I can imagine that they shows may be a bit different because of the differences in the stage. WDW had a special stage built for the production, while DL uses Tom Sawyer’s island and everyone gathers along the edge of the Rivers of America. Because of this, DL is able to incorporate into the show both their tallship (for the Peter Pan sequence) and their riverboat, the Mark Twain, for the characters and Steamboat Willie at the end, as well as numerous rafts that pass by the stage during the production. Once, with dancing monkeys, and the second time, with the princesses and their princes.

The monkeys are by far my favorite part. LOL


Ooh! This page has two more videos including an “alternate ending.” Interesting!


The dancing monkeys are at 5:24 in that one. I just watched it; the “alternate ending” is the characters on the stage rather than on the Mark Twain. I remember this - this was when the boat was being serviced for maintenance and was out of commission for a few months.


Yea, everytime the Mark Twain is out of Service, or being refurbished they use the ending on the stage, it works great both ways.