Hey it might rain Sat. This is the day I have booked the fantamic/dinner pck. I know fantasmic is a weather permitting show. What kind of weather does it take to cancel the show?
Thanks a Million Dreams.


Rain, Thunder/Lightning, will cancel the show…

We had this problem on a couple of years ago, just as the gate was to open to admit those with the dinner package priority seating, the skys opened with thunderous force. We went to customer service to ask about it and they gave us a “rain check” for the following night. I don’t think they announced that at the gate though, so if it happens to you go staight to customer service. I would guess they can only give out a limited number or it would totally mess with the following nights admittance so don’t wait.


Oh I hope the rain holds off for you on Saturday evening and you enjoy the show.


Just curious, where is your dinner ressie?


They are at Hollywood and Vine. It was a late reservation. I know it is not the best of the three, however at some pt food becomes food and its purpose is to allow us to enjoy the park a bit more instead of standing in a line.


I just looked at the hour by hour forecast. Yes, it does show a 40% chance of showers, but I’ve seen the weather picture resolve over the next 24 hours and it could improve. It could get worse too, but more often, it improves. Also, 40% shower chance in Florida is still usually hit and miss. Usually, but not always, especially in winter.
Also, if it does rain, if it’s only a light, brief shower, the performance may continue anyway.


That is what I was thinking. It does not look to be a wash out. A shower could mean what an hour, ten minutes. Let’s just hope it is not an all day event.


It all depends if it’s a cold front. Sadly, this time of year, it usually is.

I just looked again. It does look a little fronty. But it’s still going to be a crap shoot. Get some umbrellas or ponchos.


I would think that if it were raining you would want them to cancel the show- that would make for some rather uncomfortable viewing I would think!


Don’t worry, I am sure it will clear up. They told us chance of rain in the Sunshine state today. It is clear and sunny. It is chilly only 68 degrees today. Sounds ridiculous I know. It does feel chilly to me though.


Airblue, we really enjoyed our meal at H&V! You will find a ton of great food!

And when we went to Fantasmic, we sat really close, and we ended up soaked to the bone anyway… a little rain wouldn’t have made any difference! :laugh: I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they don’t cancel!


I climbed in the SUV this morning to head to work and the outside temp was reading -1. That is chilly. :snowman:


I am guessing it would take fairly heavy rain/thunderstorms and lightening. I would not imagine they would stop if it was only lightly raining? It rained very lightly a few years ago mid performance but they carried on. I am keeping everything crossed for you to have a perfect night and weather to match!


Good luck with the weather. It’s a great show.


I’m sure it’s too late for Airblue, but it’s now 40% chance of showers starting at 3 PM and continuing until 4 AM, and this is a front, not local weather.