Ok… I don’t get it. I know Fantasmic is a show playing in an open amphitheater located in HS. My question is. If I got a ticket to access the Hollywood Studios park for the day, [B]do I have to pay again to get in the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater for Fantasmic?[/B]


No, you won’t have to pay to see Fantasmic.


Nope. Fantasmic is free. I think there’s an option of doing a dinner with reserved seats for the performance, though. We’ve never done that but I’m sure someone here will have experience with it.


Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Also if you do go,you should get there 45 mins before the show starts.


Fantasmic! is part of HS and therefore covered by admission. Do go there at least an hour before show time to get a seat if you are going during a busy time of year. You may also want to consider getting the Fantasmic! dinner package at either Hollywood and Vine, Momma Melrose or the Brown derby restaurant. Please also keep in mind that Fantasmic! is only a few times a week now, so choose your park plans accordingly in order to see it.


I just wanted to add that it is an amazing show and you really should try to make it part of your itinerary.


You DO NOT miss Fantasmic! EVER!!!


Good point! Depending on the time of year maybe even an hour before the show starts to get a decent seat cause it can get packed.


Just remember that Fantasmic will now only be showing on Mondays and Thursdays! :glare:


yea that was a bummer for me and my g/f that they changed fanatasmic to mondays and thursday only. but as the others said you should be there 1hr to 45 mins before the show time if you want to get good seating. because that gets PACKED!!!


We missed Fantastic! What a bummer, We had to get back to our room so we could pack for the early flight next day :closedeye
But I really don’t want to miss it next time:heart: