Maybe someone who has recently (and reluctantly) returned from the World can tell me what the Fantasmic schedule is now.


Today Fantasmic is at I believe at…
7 with extra magic park hours!


If you it will tell you the fantasmic times and dates.


I know it was there Wednesday and Thursday last week… and one other day I forget.

The Unofficial Guide/ is going to be making an adjustment to their crowd calendars. I heard Len Testa on a podcast reporting that the Studios gets much more crowded than expected on Fantasmic days - particularly when there is a gap between showings. So, if Fantasmic is going off Wednesday and Thursday… Wednesday should be very crowded and Thursday will be crowded but better than Wednesday.

Of course, your mileage may vary.



I dont remember finding the crowds bigger on Fantasmic days. Though we generally spent the day in another park and then hopped over to wait for fantasmic. We always get there for the opening of the stadium so that we get great seats! On days when fantasmic is on though its a great chance to get in some of the main rides in HS as the majority of people have gone in to see the show!