Is Fantasmic only shown certain nights of the week? If so does anyone know which nights it is shown?

My cell phone ringer is music from Fantasmic and i just ignored a call and heard the whole ringer and i now want to see Fantasmic so i need to make sure i plan for it during my week.


who are you avoiding a call from? Hmmmmm? :laugh: Anyway when I was planning Daniel’s birthday party our planner said Fantasmic does not run on Saturday nights. Not sure what the schedule is the rest of the week but that’s what she told me about Saturdays.


if i remember correctly, it was only run on SUnday & Thursday…not positve about the days but I do know it was only run 2 times a week.


When we were there in March/April, it was running Sundays and Thursdays and possibly one other day. I don’t have the park guide here, but I can check later today. You should be able to find it on Disney’s Park Calendar Guide.


Okay, I checked here:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios™

It plays Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;953553]Okay, I checked here:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios™

It plays Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays[/QUOTE]

Thanks. I now feel lazy for not having looked it up myself.

We are planning to be in DHS on a Sunday so we will have to try and fit it in. If the line is too crazy we will just have to skip it.


The lines should be fine for May, but if you’re concerned and you are on the dining plan, you could do the Fantasmic Dinner package (as far as I know it is still offered) and sit in the reserved section.

We did Fantasmic last year in May and we did the dining package. It was good but we could have had good seats had we just walked in with the crowd anyway. The only bonus was that we were able to get out of the theater first ahead of the regualr crowd.


No one in particular. I just didn’t recognize the phone number. It ended up being my gym.

I really need to start answering these calls i don’t recognize since i am trying to find a new job.


I am on the dining plan but Hollywood Brown Derby is where we are eating and i think when i made the ADR they said the Fantasmic Dining wasn’t available this night.


I have never seen the show in all the years going to WDW. I guess by the end of the day Im tired. I may have to give it a try. Is it rain or shine?


ok this is an odd question but it is only three nights a week during summer months as well?


Tinkerbelle 24 - it is NOT rain or shine! We had the Fantasmic Dinner package in October. We got the voucher and headed for Hollywood Hills Amphitheater early just like they advise; got our seats in the reserved section, did the wave, the whole nine yards! At 7:30 (which was showtime) the skies opened up and it poured…show cancelled! The entire arena emptied out in a rush, heading back for now-soaked strollers and crowded launches and buses. We were disappointed to say the least. Fantasmic is one of our favorite shows!


Yeah you need to give it a try. It is the best fireworks show! I love it!


I did the same thing the other day with my cell…only I hvae the ringer for Spectro Magic! :laugh: :pinch: ooops must call back my brother!!!:pinch:


We are eating at Mama Melrose’s on a Tuesday night, I picked that night b/c of Fantasmic showing.


Thanks for the info. I want to check it out while there.


I’m still waiting for August park hours to come out ,but from just looking at the July schedule, it appears the Fantasmic nights vary from one week to the next. So I guess I will have to wait to find that out as well.


That’s bad, very bad, as our trip goes from end of Sept into Oct…Oct hours will not be posted until July??? Horrors, how will I cope?? I must see Fantasmic, we missed it last time, I’m still not over it!


well you can find accurate info on the wdw website…but the rule of thumb is if HS is open 900 or later it is showing…it should be available every night in the summer


Not according to the Disney website. They are saying select nights only, even during the summer. Looks to be like 3 nights a week in July.