Is Fantasmic still showing on Mondays and Thursdays? On emh nights will there be two shows?


Here is the link to You can find the hours and show times thru November. It looks like they only show it twice a night thru the beginning of September then it goes down to once a night.

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Thank you!


It will probally go down to twice a week. I made a planner for my aunt who is going the second week of October and Fantasmic was only twice in that week.


how are the lines in the rest of the park on Fantasmic nights? Just realized one of the eve’s we’re hopping to HS is a Fantasmic night. We don’t go to the show, been there-done that not worth the 2 hr wait in line so we usually avoid that park on those nights but if most of the park’s waiting in line I wouldn’t mind going there. If it draws double crowds because of the show, we’ll skip it.


They have Fantasmic starting when the park closes, so you will have a solid hour or more of lighter crowds…interesting idea. I should do that…lol


We were there about a month ago, and the lines for Fantasmic were ridiculous! We ended up not even seeing it because the lines were so crazy, but to answer your question, the lines for other attractions at HS were pretty manageable. All of the fastpasses were gone for Midway Mania, ToT and RRC by that evening, and those were the longer standby lines too, so we only chose to wait for ToT, but it was only about 40 minutes. Everything else was pretty much a walk-on.


Thanks for the information!!!


Thanks for that. I just didn’t wnat to waste a night going to that park if the wait would be rediculous. I figured everything on Fantasmic end would be packed as families might be ridesharing while linesharing but wasn’t sure about the rest of the park. Hopefully most of the park wil be standing in line when we go, heehee.