Fantastic Dinner Packages?


I now this question has probably been asked a million times, sorry. What is the deal on this Dinner Package? Which restaurants are included. I know Mama Melrose’s right? Also is this covered in the dining plan, wishful thinking?
Do you make ressies for this dinner also like any other one?



For the Fantasmic dinner package it’s Mama Melroses, Hollywood and Vine and the Brown Derby. As far as the dinner package sorry can’t help you with that one. You need to hold your ADR with a credit card and if you cancel it has to be 48 hours out for a full refund.


Do you pay only a deposit with your credit card or the full amount? My guess would be a deposit. Can you make this ressie 180 days out?



It is covered under the dining package, but like Tinkerbelle said you have to hold your reservations with a credit card, but they don’t charge the card unless you don’t show up.


I believe the Brown Derby counts as 2 sit down meals per person. The other two count as one if you are on the dinning plan. Also, be prepared to eat real early if you want the fantasmic package.


Sorry that is supposed to be Fantasmic, not fantastic- duh. Thanks for the help.



So with a ressie you get priority seating for Fantasmic?



You get to go in later and sit in a roped off section about 2 blocks (it maybe 3) from the middle. You get a ticket to show near the front of the park and go in the back way to the fantasmic seating area. It beats waiting in line for 2 hours!
We have done the package at momma’s and H&V. We like H&V better as it is a nice buffet and at momma’s you have a set menu!
All our seating times have been about 4pm and this year we have got one for 4.30pm. We just treat it as a very late lunch rather than an early dinner, that way there is still room for snacks later! :biggrin:


They give out the early dinner times and hold onto the later ones until 2 weeks out. I’d advise getting your ADR and then calling back at 2 weeks out and trying to get it changed to a later time.


Ddoll, how much time should we allow between our ADR & the time of Fantasmic starting? We got our ressie for 5:15 pm & I’m wondering if we should change it for much later or leave it.


If you have the package booked they have reserved times so that you are definately finished eating before the show begins. I wish I could get a time like that, my ADR for the package is 4:10.


Yes, I guess we are pretty lucky to get that time, & it is with a Fantasmic dinner package.


Yep, you are! One of the ADR’s for the package I have is for 3:50 :huh: .


You do not have to eat with dinner package. You can eat anywhere you want and see Fantasmic. I prefer to eat at SciFi (not included in the package)
All you have to do is get to the Fantasmic show early enough to get in.
I used the package once & they give you an alternate route (behind Oscars) into the show that is totally an extra long walk to get into the show. It’s better to eat wherever you want and get there early enough to see the show. Do not miss this show!!!

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This is good to know. The only times they had when I first called were 3:30 or 3:50. I will try again next week!