Fantasy Land Timeline?


Hey everyone!! First of all just want to say “HI” since i havent been on here in forever!!!:ohmy::ohmy:
There is a possibility of us going to WDW next year (yay to a DBIL with an RCI timeshare!!:happy:) but I was wondering if we have a more definate time-line on the fantasy land expansion?? Not that it would stop me from going, just wondered how far along they would be!!

Thanks everyone!!!


I think I read that it’s going to open in phases. Everything is set to be open by 2013 but I don’t know what will be open first or last. Have fun planning.


Belle and Ariel’s areas are coming along very nicely. I’m willing to bet those will be the first two to open, but I don’t expect any of it to be open until late summer next year at the earliest.


Well that is sad. I am heading back down in June for DD’s graduation with a pack of her peeps. I guess I have my excuse to go back another time after…lol I will most definately be speding my 40th bday there, so I know it will be open for that.


We’re postponing booking another trip until the expansion is done. We’re looking foward to the new Belle and Ariel areas (especially the Be Our Guest restaurant, sounds like it will be stunning). So looks like we’re going to aim for either late 2013 or early 2014 (maybe by then we’ll have a baby to bring along to share in the experience :blush:).