Fantasy Ship to be Different than Dream


These updates were posted on I’m super excited!

We’ve got some news about the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, sister ship to the new Disney Dream, to be launched next spring.

…The ship will feature the first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at sea. On Pirates Night, the location will change over to become The Pirates League, providing pirate-themed makeovers to prepare for the evening’s festivities.

…Instead of getting all of its shows from the Disney Magic and Disney Dream, the Fantasy will get its new featured presentation from Disney California Adventure Park. Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular will be brought to the ship, flying carpet and all.

…The Royal Palace restaurant will become the Royal Court, with the decor staying largely the same. At this time, the Enchanted Garden restaurant will not see any changed. The third restaurant, Animator’s Palate, will see the most changes. The Undersea Magic show featuring a Turtle Talk with Crush-like show will be supplemented by Animation Magic, where guests at each table will draw their own characters, which will be animated on screens around the restaurant along with Disney characters in the show’s finale. Since the Fantasy will sail seven-night itineraries, the restaurant will show Animation Magic on one rotation cycle and Undersea Magic on another rotation cycle.

…The nighttime entertainment area, called The District aboard the Dream, will be replaced by Europa. The series of bars and nightclubs will be themed to a series of European countries. The Dream’s Evolution will become The Underground, themed to the London Tube. Pink will become Ooh La La, themed to a French boudoir; 687 will become O’Gill’s Pub, an Irish pub-themed sports bar; and the District Lounge will become La Piazza, reminiscent of an Italian outdoor plaza. The Skyline bar will be very similar to its current state, but will only show vistas of European cities (Paris, London, Barcelona, Athens, and St. Petersburg), instead of including cities on multiple continents (New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro).

…The lobby statue will feature Minnie Mouse in an Erte-style dress.

…The styling of the ship’s decor for the first ship in each Disney Cruise Line class (the Magic and the Dream) is Art Deco. The second Magic-class ship, the Disney Wonder, was Art Nouveau. Similarly, the Fantasy, the second Dream-class ship, will also be Art Nouveau.

I had been waiting for them to add BBB to the cruise ships - I was expecting it on the Dream! :laugh:

I think that having the two different “theme” nights at Animator’s Palate is a really good idea. And I love that guests will sketch their own characters! Too cool!!!


Wow the changes sound absolutely wonderful! There seems to be some very new and innovative ideas for this ship- can’t wait to hear (and see) when someone has sailed in her.


LMM I am so loving you right now for this post! I had to get comfy to read it. What is BBB?


Bippidi Boppidi Boutique… it’s easier to abbreviate! :laugh:


Thanks, I feel so silly now, I need to go back to WDW and brush up on my lingo.:laugh::laugh::laugh:


AllEars has an update about the Fantasy ship changes, as well:

Disney Cruise Line Unveils New Disney Fantasy Guest Experiences (Disney News Blog)


My oohs and ahhs are about the kids. :laugh:


Thanks for the link to that site. I’m sailing on the Disney Fanasty in Oct 2012 with my entire family and I can’t wait. We will be travaling with lots of children (age ranging from 1-17) and I can’t wait to see their faces. I have been on the Disney Dream but this ship seems to have all that magic and sooooo much more.