Fantasy Trip Planning


I am suffering from serious PDD… So today I was thinking … if only I had all the time I wanted to do everything I wanted to do…how much time would I need.

could it be done in a month…

One thing I want to do is visit every resort …for at least 1 week.
so one week X 16 resorts (I am counting FW, but not counting Shades of Green, Swan and Dolphin)

So I begin with 16 weeks :slight_smile:

oh better get another lottery ticket


Yeah, that is the only way I’ll ever get to do all that too. I would love to be able to stay @ every resort at least once. Even if it was just for 1 night each.


Hey tigger we will be down there feb 4th thru the 10th! also my birthday is march 19th!


That is pretty cool !!! Are you going to the Feb, 11 meet and greet?


ooops ! Sorry Steph,( and tink) I didn’t mean to Hi-jack !!!


I went through this…I have never been to WDW and I’ve been to DLR 10 times, so I couldn’t just go visit WDW for a week or even 2…I wanted - no - needed! to know it as well as I know Disneyland.
Well, then I got hired as a CM, so I think a year will do :laugh:


I am dying to stay at the fort wilderness cabins!!! Maybe next year. :ohmy: We are leaving the 10th tigger. :sad:


Statiscally, you have a better chance of being hit by a meteor than winning the lottery.


Tinkerbelle - This is a great thread!! :wub:

To add to the fantasy trip…In addition to 16 weeks, 1 week at each resort, I would like to try each and every resturant on Disney Property…AND…when I called for PS’s I would get each and every time and day that I request! :wub:


sorry - duplicate post!!


I bet you are suffering PDD, it was a great trip you took BUT you didn’t get to share the thought process with us, that is half the fun :mickey:


Oooh that’s good too. So on top of staying at every resort, we would also have to eat at every restaurant and try out every spa treatment available !!!


My visits to the parks to would be so slow and leisurely. By the time I was done, I would of taken in every detail, and every ounce of Disney Magic.

Nothing would be left undiscovered!


but then would you still want to go back ???


lol I would …

I have been re-thinking this …and one week at each resort might give me time to do everything that each resort has to offer … might …see thats the problem, how do you do it all? boating, biking swimming…horse backrides.

for example at FW campgrounds there is more to do there then you can do and still do the parks… so I would need a month at FW campgrounds alone.
there are the spa’s and all at the deluxe resorts…
so two weeks at each resort, but 3 weeks at FW campgrounds. while I am there …have a pool day at each resort too.

Like alicefan I want to try each and every resturant on Disney Property, and all the shows like the laua at the Poly (yes I know it has a new name) and Hoopdeedoo, Mickey’s Backyard BBQ…

I might not buy anything but I would like to go through every store on property. the stores themselves are amazing … like the Villians shop at the Studios!

I over heard someone on our last trip say that they wished they had the time to go to a park …ride one ride a day and go back to the resort … sounds like a fantasy trip plan to me :slight_smile:

Now …add the waterparks and Richard Petty driving experience.
of course I want to parasail… I want to do all the behind the scene tours.

yah … 6 months at WDW might do it ?

and cavey I know my chances of winning the lottery are 0 … but how else am I going to go on this fantasy trip??


I love fantasy trips. Here’s mine.

Resort = 2 weeks at the AKL two bedroom suite
= 2 weeks at the Polynesian two bedroom suite

parks = all of them silly

I would like to have dining at: victoria and alberts to just try it once, luau, and any other thing I haven’t tried that’s expensive.

Character meals galore.

Wishes and illuminations cuises.

Hopefully this trip would be at christmas time and I would get too see WDW in it’s holiday decore…I can dream right? Also, I would like the parks to be slow…not empty where I am the only one there, but january park levels would be ideal.

People that would go would be: DBF, DBFDS, DBFDN, plus me and DD and her friend. I would probally be a little nervous having all those people with me for so long, but I cannot imagine being away from DBf for over a week at a time…I’d be miserable. :wub:


oh yes Wishes and illuminations cuises, must be added to my Fantasy Trip.

I want a day or maybe even two …just to walk through the parks and soak up everything around me. there really is so much you miss as you hurry from ride to ride / ride to attraction.


your going to be a fantastic CM :slight_smile: a good CM I think starts with a good personality and you have that :slight_smile:


yep that was the hardest part of this last trip …keeping it all bottled up and not being able to plan on DC :frowning: lol well the hardest part other then having to come back to reality


Everytime I go, I think about just spending a lot of time on Main St U.S.A just admiring and studying the architecture and noticing every little detail. Picking up on little touches that the Imagineers put in, that go unnoticed by so many of us as we rush by to hit one of the Mountains, or another favorite attraction.

I’d like to have so much time at the MK that I could do this without any concern that I should be rushing off to grab a FP somewhere.